March 15th, 2013


I need more friends!


My name is Jassie.  I'm 27, bisexual, in a long term relationship with my girlfriend and excited to meet YOU!

I've had the same livejournal for a long time, but I'm returning from a nearly two year hiatus.  (Graduated college and got distracted by looking for and getting a job)

Things are finally on the calming down (ish) side, and I'm looking around at the ghost town that is my friendslist, and hoping to liven it up.  I've met some great people on here, that I've followed all over the web, and while you don't have to want to be my friend on other networks (tumblr, facebook, twitter or whatever else comes along)  I'm not the  type who compartmentalizes lj friends if they do want more.

A little more about me:

I live in LA- and sometimes blog about that.
I went to Film School, but I don't work in "the industry"- but sometimes I still blog about writing, and how maybe I should be doing it.
I DO work in Non Profit- and sometimes I blog about that
I like to have sex- and sometimes blog about that (I'm nice, I'll cut anything too explicit)
I like to drink- and sometimes I blog about that
I volunteered for the 2012 Obama Campaign for 4 months- I don't really blog about that, but It does sort of spell out which side of the fence I'm on!
I am not good at watching TV.  And when I say that, I mean, I love lots of different shows, but I go on binges based on actors and genres, and will gush and gush and gush about things- though, luckily, you wont have to deal with that here, because that's basically what Tumblr was made for. :P

I'm looking for the spice of life- people who are just like me AND people who are completely different are totally welcome.  My goal is to be at about 3-5 posts a week.  I read friends journals, comment when I have something useful to say, and try to be available to talk when/if its wanted.

My journal has a lot of past stuff public, but current stuff friends only, so please let me know if you add me, and I'll be sure to add you back to "let you in" as it is.

Happy Friend Hunting!


Hey Yo

Hi, my name is Mikka. I'm 26 and gender fluid, which means I identify with male, female, and neutral genders at varying times. At least that's how it is for me. I also have bipolar, fibromyalgia, and I am totally AWESOME!

I have been on LJ for a couple of years, but I have been scarce lately. I am looking for new and fun friends to get to know, I like reading about other peoples lives and comment when I can. Interaction with others is fun. LJ is sort of the place I go to when I can't talk to my friends about things, or have something crazy/funny/awesome to talk about. I am really into using /. Don't hate. /'s are amazing.

I am super into sci-fi. I like to drink and sometimes talk about that, but I do my best not to get drunk, I don't like vomiting. I also like poetry and literature. And food.

I would like to get to know a lot of different kinds of people, because variety makes the world go 'round.

Add me and let me know so I can add you back.
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Drama in the Dutch Department...

I joined this community a few months back and have already found some great friends here  and there´s still room for more. But I haven´t come around to post a message of own. So here it goes:

About me:
I´m a 29-year-old kindergarten teacher from the Netherlands. I work at a relatively small school in a multi-cultural part of Utrecht, one of the four big cities. I love my job, the kids and my co-workers. The administration though? Not so much.
I live in a small town about 15 km from Utrecht. It´s the town I grew up in and I moved back here over the summer after living in a tiny village for the past five years. I´ve bought an apartment (big step, very scary) and at the moment I´m sharing it with my sister Jo.
I have another sister and a brother and my parents live a few blocks away.
I have a cat named Minoes, a 7-year-old, spoiled rotten,  calico girl and my sister has a 6-months-old kitten called Saartje. I love all kind of animals, but cats are definitely my favourite.
I like reading and crafting. I´m doing the ´30 books for 2013´ challenge (although secretly I want to try and reach 50) and I`m into all kinds of DIY projects: paper crafts, decorating, crocheting, painting etc. I *love* colour and patterns, especially dots. (red and white polka dots being my favourite)
Or, to sum me up in 5 words: teaching, family, cats, faith, creating

About my journal:
I post mostly about my day-to-day life: happenings at school, craft projects I´m working on, anecdotes from traveling by bus… I also regularly post pictures. I like to think I´m a person who comments on their friends entries regularly.  I´m looking for people with similar interests and I love to have fellow teachers on my flist, especially if they´re working with young children.
I`m not much into excessive fandom-related posting, especially I don´t know anything about it. My journal is pretty much ´all ages´ and I´m not a big fan of very explicit content.
There´s some extra info on my profile, so if you´re interested, have a look!

Drama in the Dutch Department is the title of my journal, but actually, my journal is pretty drama-free and I like to keep it that way. I try to not use my LJ as a place to whine and complain about everything. 
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I'm hoping to make some new LJ friends, since my list seems to be dying down or not updating except maybe once every few weeks, and that's leading me to not update as much or if I do, they're rather crap entries. :(

warning; this will probably all make me sound more exciting than I really am.

So, about me: I'm 26 and I live in a smaller community in Oregon. I'm a rather reserved/quiet person and I love going places----tourist stuff? whatever! I go for the shopping, food and picture taking with friends! clubs! oogling cute boys! and going to concerts! so it works out pretty good for me. Sadly the last year-ish its' been pretty slow and financially tight but i'm always keeping eye out for a live or something to see if I can manage it. I'm planning my big every-other-year venture for the end of this year, so I gotta be mindful to keep my money.
I work in a (smaller) grocery store, the chain only being in part of California, Oregon, and part of Idaho. I've been there eleven years this May, and i'm constantly complaining and ranting about stupid customers and rude behavior. ;D The great thing about this job is that its basically prepared me for almost any sort of person so I can handle most situations! I also picked up a second job at a doctor's office so I do phone answering, filing, copying, etc. which I find super boring most of the time but once in awhile the other people in the office act horribly, so I do rant a little about all the weird 'wtf?' moments. Usually my life seems all work lately and that bums me out. :(

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