March 16th, 2013


Sup guys!

Hey, I'm Ashley 19 year old British student living in Leeds, England. I joined LJ 4 years ago however I stopped using it for a few years and my friends on here have all moved on and left. So yeah i'm back and i'm going to actively use my account again and it would be awesome to make some friends on here again. I'm studying Media Communications & Culture at Leeds Metropolitan University in the city of Leeds - my favourite city in Britain. I'm 19 but only in my first year because I took a gap year to work and build up some skills in the NHS where I was a ward caterer, it was a great job were I met so many different types of people who were great to talk to (and some not so much).

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I'm a massive fan of anything science fiction/fantasy, a few of my favourites include; Game of Thrones, Doctor Who, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, District 9 and so much more. I'm a massive music fan and will give anything a listen once, I don't think there is anything worse than music snobs. Some of my favourite artists are; Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Alt-J, Bastille, Lana Del Rey, Rihanna, Azealia Banks, The Strokes and so much more. My favourite track right now is Nightcall by Kavinsky. I've just joined the street/promotions team for the O2 Academy in Leeds a music and gig venue where I work promoting gigs and nights inexchange for entrance to the gigs and it is brilliant. I'm a massive fan of new media and anything intertexual, my hope is to go into advertising/promotions as a full time job. My journal will probably be filled with stuff like this and one or two personal things happening in my life.

So if anyone wants to get to know me or ask any questions i'm pretty much an open book.


Hai Gurl

Calico Skies

Firstly I’m not looking for tons of friends; I believe the quote “quality over quantity.” Now onto this whole “about me” bit; which, let me warn you, I’m not very good at.

Name: I just go by Kallah on lj
Age: 24
Location: Florida
Job: Full time student

As most people, I have my ups and downs although they may be a bit more “dramatic” than most. One week I’m out with friends enjoying life and the next I want nothing more than to stay home and do nothing except lie on the couch. I live by myself, in my mother’s house, although I do have two pets; a cat and a dog.

When it comes to what I post it varies, sometimes you’ll find a 3,000+ word entry about some pretty deep crap (therapy, PTSD, why I think the way I think, etc). While at other times I may just post pictures from my time out with friends. And since I’m being honest here, there’s also the occasional drunk post.

I don’t talk about my interests so I don’t find it necessary to list them all, although I do tend to post Beatle/Paul McCartney images/quotes when they’re relative to what I’m feeling.

Currently I’m in school working towards my AA, I’ve got like a semester or two left. Then I plan on taking a year or two off to pursue a life in art/writing, if that doesn’t work then I’ll continue on to get my BA in psychology (probably clinical).

When it comes to my perfect lj pal I would love it if they posted regularly and not just about their day-to-day happenings or fangirl/boy stuff. I love deep, honest posts; especially ones that make me think and even reevaluate myself.

I find it said that I need to post this but there are things I don’t tolerate:
Homophobia, sexism, racism, religious nuts, hardcore conservatives, all around dick bags.

You don’t need to comment on my posts for us to be friends, granted a few here and there are nice but I’m more interested in reading about your life/thoughts than you commenting on mine.

I realize this post isn't terribly exciting and I apologize, so here are some baby burrowing owls to cute'n things up a bit.

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i just recently started using livejournal and am looking for some interesting journals to read, and hopefully to meet some people as well. to be straightforward, i am completely unsure as to how one should write a 'good' post in an adding community so i apologize for the awkwardness of this post.
i am a twenty-one year old female living in california where i am in my third year of university for linguistics and live with three of my friends in a rental house.
im currently, but honestly who isnt just trying to do this, to get by and find some way to lead a meaningful and happy life. i think that my posts will vary in type. sometimes i like to write about whats going on, how ive been feeling, current issues etc. sometimes some creative writing, but i also plan to use this is a place to introspect and do some thinking. i find that through writing im often able to come to the point of what an issue may be for me. the past ten weeks of my life i have really been struggling (depression&anxiety) and im trying to come to terms with it as well as move forward. but i hope that this doesnt sound like a deterrent! there is far more to me then the issues i have, they are not something i want to be consumed by or to have define me.
i spend a lot of time on school (ive been told by my housemates that school and i are one of their favorite otps), as well as with my friends, family, boyfriend exploring around and trying to do whatever i can to be happy. i love reading and writing in french (im a massive francophile), linguistic theory, baking extravagant desserts, water coloring, staying up late at night, huge music lover & tea enthusiast.
i will probably occasionally, but really very rarely, talk about alcohol/drugs if thats an issue, and maybe the occasional swear.
im not necessarily looking for people to comment on every post a make, although comments can be nice, im really looking for some interesting, thought provoking journals to read.
im not quite sure what else to say about myself. but i would love to be able to get to know some people and read about your lives and whatnot.