March 20th, 2013

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Hello all

Forgive me in advance if this post and any on my LJ have typo's and bad grammer I have mild dyslexia

Hi my lj name is Rinny but as I've gotten older I tend to just use my RL nickname of Di
I turned fab 30 December last year and live in the cold wet Island that is the UK

I'm the result of an interracial relationship (English, Spanish, Italian & Irish) which I'm very proud of and I'm in a long term relationship to a Chinese guy (BBC) and we have a 10 years old daughter and 2 year old son together

I'm a full time mum but my partner and I run our own business so I work from home but sometime go out with my partner and the little one sometimes to help.
I have recently become abit of a novice baker and I find more craft ideas than I have time to try via Pinterest.

I love the British label cath kidston and such shows as scrubs, Big Bang theory, once upon a time and the walking dead.
I used to be a big gamer, one area was the RPG serie Final Fantasy which I'm trying to get back into with XIII
I can be abit geeky when it comes to things like our shows, films and computer games, so bear with me :)

We love to travel and try to go somewhere new each time, we alsi go back to Hong Kong every other year over Christmas & new year to family and try to pop to somewhere near by in Asia each time

I'm a mum but my posts are not just all about my children.
They can be geek/fandom related, rambles about my latest shopping bargains, photos from my latest travels or random stuff in my day to day life, anything really :)

I want to embrace life, make the most of it, see the world and shop my heart out

And to finish (a I can post to much)
I've been on LJ since 2005 and used to areally active poster and comment on friends posts when i could but of late ive been having an inactive patch but want to get back into like I used to and would love new people to interact with on here.
I miss having an active friends list page and commenting and having people comment on my posts.
Of late I sometimes feel like I am posting to no one :(

Please drop me a shout if you follow as my lj is friends only due to personal posts about my family and and photos of things like my children. I'll follow back! :)


My name is Angela, I'm 17 and I am a major couch potato.

I'm 17 year's old but I get told I look older and I don't really act much of a teen. I'm a baby to family members and quite and mysterious to whom I have no blood relation with. I enjoy writing stories and I have an account on fictionpress. I am sadly better at reading stories than writing but I enjoy my hobby, so who cares? Books and films can take people to different worlds and that's why I like it so much. My life is pretty good but also boring and uneventful, stories can fix that for a few hours. In my free time I bake. I don't get to bake as much as I would like but I guess that is a good thing. My mother says I make her gain weight. Haha. At least she likes it.

My post will contain some of my thoughts and maybe my day. Just anything I would think is interesting enough to share with others. I wouldn't post anything I wouldn't want to read myself.

I am absolutely new to LiveJournal so I have no post up yet. I thought that it would be better to have some friends first.

Soo that's that. I look forward to having some new friends.

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Hey there my name is Isbet. I'm 26. I was born in Mexico raised everywhere in the world. I'm not good with introductions , so heres some fun facts about me:

- i like to dance in the rain.
- red and purple are my favorite colors.
- i dislike capital letters.
- photography and music is my passion.
- i have 2 dogs (beagles)
- i like baking cupcakes
- i have a high tolerance to pain
- i am very random
- i am against judging people (we are no one to judge others)
- i like almost every kind of music
- i don't like eating eggs
- my favorite food is sushi
- i like to keep myself busy
- i'm weird
- i'm single by choice
- i love glee , the big bang theory, 2 broke girls and new girl
- i have a thing for glasses
- i'm scared of birds
- i love gummies
- i'm open to trying new things
- i used to be scared of heights until i went sky diving
- when i was in college i did the disney college experience (it changed my life in very good ways)
- i love learning about new cultures
- google is my uncle
- instagram is my lover too
- i love drinking water
- i like to keep myself around good positive vibe
- i believe happiness is not a state of mind but a lifestyle

My journal was dead for a month but it's alive and running for good now!

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