March 22nd, 2013


I've recently returned to LJ, and I'm finding it a wonderful release.
There will be a fair number of posts about whatever is occupying my mind, mostly written around midnight when I can't sleep for thinking.
Other than that, I just write about what's been going on. So I suppose it's best to say who I am, so you know what to expect!
I'm 22, English, married just under a year, currently a full time housewife. I left university last year, so now my best friends are at the other end of the country.
I don't deal with boredom very well, so I have a lot of hobbies - knitting, crochet, reading, music (mostly listening, but I also sing and play a little keyboard), gardening, puzzles, cooking and baking, video games, TV - and often do at least two things at once.
I grew up too fast and seem to have regressed, so I some of the stuff I do is kind of childish - I play Pokemon a lot, enjoy building forts and own a massive amount of Play Doh. I kind of wish I could request a kid's pack at restaurants. And when I go see my family, I take my 4 year old sister to the park so I can play on the playground.
My musical tastes are more towards folk and indie, with a little more mainstream stuff in there for good measure - Slow Club (my favourite at the moment), Amy Macdonald, Emmy the Great, Mumford & Sons, Noah and the Whale, The Killers, The Kooks, Blue Roses, Smoke Fairies, Bellowhead, and many more.
As for TV, I don't watch soaps or most reality TV (the "become famous for being famous" type) but I'll watch pretty much anything else. So we've got Doctor Who, Sherlock, Elementary (ok, I have a bit of a Sherlock Holmes thing going at the moment), Dexter, How I Met Your Mother, Scrubs, Friends, Mythbusters, How It's Made, and my guilty pleasures - things like Wife Swap and Jeremy Kyle, because sometimes a part of me needs reminding how good I have it.
I read my friends' journals regularly, and comment if I have something to say about it. Ideally, I'd want friends who will read my stuff and leave the occasional comment in return, just so I know that someone out there has seen my posts.

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Trying to be active on here again.

I'm 26 in 2 months.
Female, Single.
I live in Orlando, Miami, NYC, etc.
I travel for work.
My career is a Hair Stylist, Makeup Artist.
I also do some Beauty/Fashion/Commercial Photography.
I love to sing and dance.
I watch way too much prime time tv.
I LOVE to read. I bury myself in books.
A lot of ridiculous things happen to me.
My life is never normal, drama free, so I promise my posts will be entertaining.
I'm about to go work on a cruise ship for 3 months..
so lots of fun pictures and adventurous things to be posted.
Add me, :)

FunFact: My icon is a sketch by a famous artist of one of my photoshoots, I was the hair stylist. :)