March 23rd, 2013


My name is Kristen and I've had this journal for a little over a year even though I've been with LJ for over 12!

I'm 26 years old and I live in the suburbs of Philadelphia.

I'm back to getting active and would like more friends with similar interests.

I live with my fiance and our cat, I'm a total cat lover.

I post about thinks from weight loss, health issues (I have a lot!), family, struggles and triumphs!

I am living with panic disorder with agoraphobia for 5 years now.

I'll add anyone and just like an active friends page :)

Psychs here!

Hello, hows everyone? Good?

Ma names psychtraveller and I would like to make new friends! I feel quite mediocre writing in this community because my English is not as good as yall's... But I'll try anyway.

As a start, let me tell you a lil about my life. I live in Asia, but my family (father and mother) live in America. The rest of my family live in Britain and Germany as I am part Asian and part White. Ma whites German, Welsh, Greek. Im not really particular about my friends ethnicity, as I mix with everyone! Im 32 this year, in April. Im a good Aries.

In my spare time, Im busy with floral arrangement, interior design (Thats my Sims game. Tee hee hee), dabbling in politics such as world state and the well being of nature, dancing (Im a professional choreographed dancer; such as Rhumba, Salsa, Waltz, Hip hop and modern Jazz) writing novels (I have two which used to be on the net but they have been taken down and now I dont even have a copy!) and writing as a columnist for magazines (Whether they post it up or not!), singing (I always go Karaoke!), and working. Im currently working as a Finance executive, and my job is my life. I love being occupied and when Im not, Im busy smoking! LOL. Sorry, I know its a bad thing but I cant be doing things all the time! That makes me hyper-active, doesnt it?

Im highly educated as I come from the top university of my country. I have a PHd in Business. Although my passion slightly dwelves to the other side, in things such as acting and singing. I would love to be on TV as I love fame. However, things doesnt seem to be happening for me in this area. Who knows what Im lacking.

I love all kinds of people, as I consider myself a people person; Nice, sweet, sentimental, and a hopeless romantic. However I have a hard side too. Rough, indecisive, arrogant, protective. Im just saying this so you know whether you want to choose me. If it fits like a glove, you know its meant to be. :P

As for what I write in my journal, its mostly about religion, spirituality, my day to day living, poetry, my life gain and life loss, and my methaphysical and neuroscientific state. Im in between Science and Arts. Isnt that odd since I study Business! XP

I consider my character kookie, weird, out of this world, fitting into the norm, stylish and nautical.

Thats about it. If you like me, dont be afraid to comment.

Thats all!!!! Hope to meet your aquaintances soon. Ciao!018