March 30th, 2013

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Hey y'all

My name is Lyssa, and I'm a Jersey girl [I swear we're nothing like the Jersey Shore], who's been uprooted and planted in Houston, TX, I've lived here almost a year, and I still can't stand the weather, and I don't understand why my friends here consider 40 degree weather to be cold :P

I'm a first grade teacher, which has been an experience in itself since I teach in a very low-income area, and when I I'm not driven insane by student, I love it a lot and have acquired quite the collection of My Little Pony pictures and "you're the best teacher ever" notes from them. I live in a tiny apartment with my boyfriend, who's a high school math teacher, and my insane psychopath kittens, Ajani Gucci Goldmane and Sorin Markov [mad props if you can get the name reference]. We're both extremely nerdy, and spend most of our free time playing games like Dominion or Magic the Gathering, when we're not playing video-games. I'm also about to start getting my Master's degree come September in Early Childhood Education and Special Education, and I'm aiming for a PhD after I achieve that.

I'm getting engaged within two months [I picked out the ring, and he promised it to me BEFORE I visit Jersey in June], and determined to plan a huge dorky wedding on 3.14.15. So far various ideas that my boyfriend has proposed for our wedding include a warhammer table, and giving a 20d out as a wedding favor. I want a Doctor Who or Cheshire Cat themed wedding cake. And I'm sure once we plan our wedding, I'm sure it will be quite an interesting experience. My boyfriend tells me he's planning something extremely nerdy to propose to me, and I can't wait to see what he's coming up with.

As for my likes- TV wise, I love Alice in Wonderland and Nightmare Before Christmas, I still watch Glee, I LOVE Once Upon a Time and can't wait for the Wonderland spin-off, and shows like Eureka, Battlestar Galactica, Farscape, Stargate Doctor Who, Warehouse 13, and Torchwood make me feel funny. Movie wise, anything Tim Burton, Harry Potter movies, Lord of the Ring movies, amongst others. I'm a huge reader, I love Harry Potter, the Dresden Files, anything by Rick Riordan, classic and modern fiction books such as Hemingway, Hugo, Steinbeck, Salinger, Kerouac, etc, and my tastes tend to be sci-fi/fantasy, with an occasional good biography, or autobiography thrown in there. I love JRPGS, especially games like Chrono Trigger, Dragon Quest, and Final Fantasy. I love caffeine, and I love chocolate, but ever since my tonsillectomy, three weeks ago, chocolate tastes awful, which makes me sad. I also love music. I love concerts. My tastes are eclectic, I like Broadway show-tunes, I like rock, I like alternative, I like metal, I like classic rock, I love grunge, you can check out my profile for specific bands, I like, if I made a list, it would take forever. I love games- I play Magic the Gathering, I love Dominion, I've dappled in D&D and my boyfriend is interesting in starting up a D&D group, so there might be more of that, I also like Board games like Summoner Wars, Arkham Horror, also typical games like Scrabble and Monopoly, and I'm insanely competitive.

My journal isn't a fandom journal. I have my fandoms, but I write about my real-life. I write about my relationships with people, my upcoming engagement/wedding plans, my job, and I like to post photographs- I have tons of cameras and I'm also addicted to Instagram. I'm pretty good at updating, I can usually post at least, once a week, during the school year, but when I have free-time, a lot more, and I'm excellent at checking people's journals. I like people who comment and write things. I like interaction and active friends.

I guess that's really it. Looking forward to meeting people.