April 3rd, 2013

  • uyuki

Hello again!

Ok, so I had posted already, but thought I would do it again to get some more friends. :D I would love to meet more people.
So, I'm a 26 year old female from Mexico city (chaos, traffic, lots of people... never dull). I have a degree in translation and interpretation and currently work as a freelance translator doing medical consent forms. I love languages and cultures... and of course, to travel. Recently I decided to do a Master's in literary translation so, if everything works out ok, I'll be moving to London in September.
Reading: it's just an addiction to me, I can't stop reading and I love to talk about books, and post about what I've read, so many of my posts are actually about books.
Cooking: mostly cupcakes, bread, cookies... the sweet stuff. :D
Music: I'll listen to almost anything I'm very open there, but what I love to do is play the piano.
Sports: I practice aikido and yoga because they relax me.
Cats: the love of my life. Currently I have one cat, she's named Cleopatra, because the fur around her eyes makes her look as she was painted with kohl egyptian style.
What else? I'm not very religious, don't care if you are or not. I write in both English and Spanish. I'm very open minded and my LJ has posts about my life, rants about anything that annoys me so I can get it out, and books.
So, if you think you might be interested, do add me! :D
You can see some posts if you want, my LJ is mostly public, I only lock posts to friends occasionally.

Help me out with my flist!

Hi! I'm looking for more friends, my friend's feed is boring and I post less when I know no one's reading. Maybe you have the same thing going on?

I'm a 24 year old Norwegian woman. I've done loads of things since leaving home at 16, but at the moment I study molecular biology and work nights at a taxi call center in Oslo.  
About me?

- I like medicine, genetics and psychology. I read a lot of random literature in sociology, anthropology etc. I don't won't to become a scientist in the realities whose mind is closed to other interpretations of the world.
- I speak Japanese (lived there for a year back in High School, took the JLPT2 and passed my exams in Japanese).
- I'm not religious (at least not in the common interpretation of that word: I'm hippy religious, maybe? ;) ). I don't mind religious friends!
- I love video games: Mass Effect, Dragon Age and Fallout are the favorites.
- I used to be into drug culture (hallucinogenics mainly) but have since gotten out of that. I'm still interested in it, but I don't use.
- I like art and cooking (who doesn't!).
- I post a lot of photos.
I love Howard Stern.
- I enjoy languages and culture, feel free to add me if you're learning Norwegian or Japanese - I write mainly in English, but I'll answer questions. 

And I never get mad if you don't comment.

Looking for more friends

I had a livejournal years ago and life got busy so I abandoned it. So, I thought I'd start up another one and of course all my friends are long gone on here. A little about me, I'm 31, a stay at home dad and engaged. We're a baseball family so I'll probably write about that quite a bit. I imagine most my posts will be about my kids, sports, books, television shows and maybe video games. I can also be a little random so who really knows what I'll end up posting. If any of that sounds interesting feel free to add me.

Building a flist

Hello people!

Random friending felt too much like stalking.  I'll post here, instead.

A bit about myself:

  • I'm a guy

  • I'm curious and open-minded

  • I'm 31

  • I'm in a stable relationship, with a baby on the way, so I'm not here for online flirtin

Stuff I like:

  • Left-wing and progressist political ideas

  • Technology

  • Psychology

  • Tea

Stuff I talk about:

  • My relationships

  • My business

  • My inner self

  • Random bouts of happy moments

This anonymous journal is intimate, intense and mostly profound.  I have the rest of my online life to be careful of what I say, and I don't want to limit myself, here: expect this journal to be super self-centered.

I'm not expecting people to read and comment on each of my posts.  Not at all.  Just.. at least the impression that someone's listening is enough to take time to really put down what I feel in words.  I love commenting.