April 7th, 2013

Here I am - this is me.

Greetings ladies and gentlemen. This is a fresh new start for me. My name is Valérie, I am 28 years old and I am from south west Québec. I am French Canadian. I am a diehard Moose-Kateer and love everything Jared Padalecki has done. His wife Genevieve Cortese and their son Thomas Colton Padalecki are an absolute joy in my life.

My online friends introduced me to the Supernatural fandom during the summer of 2011 and I quickly feel completely in love with everything about it. I blew through all the seasons I could get my hands on and have managed to now have almost every Jared film too. Am I obsessed much? Yes, maybe. *blushes and chuckles nervously in a corner*

When I am not enjoying my Moose, I like to do CD's and DVD's shopping once in a while and talk to my online friends. Hopefully we can become great friends and I can infect you with some love for Moose! Despite the fact that I am a straight woman, I am a proud supporter of LGBT rights until the very end. I am Catholic but I respect all beliefs.

Two of my heroes are Matthew Shepard (December 1, 1976 – October 12, 1998) and Brandon Teena (December 12, 1972 – December 31, 1993). My journal is for friends only. Leave me a comment below or here with a small introduction about yourself before adding me as a friend and I am going to add you back without a problem. Thank you.
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Hi, back on eljay after an absence of several years, my pages are sparse and my flist bare. This is not what I remember! Rebuilding needs to start..

I'm from the UK.
female, 40 (shh)
3 almost grown sprogs still at home with me.
I work in the charity retail sector.
I love to read, and write, and paint, and draw, when there is time and energy left from the real world.

Returning to livejournal is, for me, a chance to carve out a space to remember who I am when I'm not being parent and partner and boss. That process is only just beginning. I'd love to have some people on my flist to share that with.

Hey guys!

It’s been getting really quiet on my f-list lately so I decided to try my luck here once again.

PicsArt_1365253611015 (2) PicsArt_1365253093793 (2)
My name’s Corinne, I’m 23 years old and I live in the alpes.
I’m blond and pretty slim (boardering to skinny, according to my boyfriend, because I’ve struggled with an eating disorder since I was 12) which makes most people think I’m super-naive and silly. Which I am not.

  • I’m a teacher

  • I like to spend my evenings watching documentaries about space.

  • Albert Einstein is my hero (probably because of his super-stylish hair)

  • My favorite subjects in school were Sport, Art, Chemistry and Physics. (And also Philosphy because I had a crush on the teacher)

  • Hearing the Star Wars theme song makes me happyhappyhappy

Oh, I mentioned that I grew up in the alpes, right?

  • I’m a snowboarder. As in, when I was younger my dream was to be in the olympics. Then I had an accident and damaged my spine – I’m able to snowboard again, but I’ll never be as good as I was before

  • I’m generally addicted to sports.

  • My family has a little house in the Lech-Zürs area and I spend 50% of my winters up there. Snowboarding, of course.

  • I play hockey.

  • And back in the days I was in our school’s rowing team.

  • I love river rafting and hiking and all the beautiful stuff you can do in the mountains.

You want some more random information? Okay…

  • Most important thing first: I’m a twin. Twinless twin, to be exact. My sister died three years ago in a car accident. That, and the fact that I constantly feel too fat, make me get a bit emo at times. But usually I’m a really positive and happy person

  • I’m in love with Spencer Reid from Criminal Minds

  • Okay, scratch that part about me being in love with Dr. Reid. I’m in love with my boyfriend. Who – as opposed to boring old Corinne – is a professional snowboarder and therefore never has time for me. (So I am allowed to have a bit of a crush on Spencer, right!?)

  • I'm loud and laugh a lot, and I love nothing more than being the center of attention

  • I honestly love my cats more than most human beings

  • I spent most of my teenage years in boarding schools

  • Apart from my beautiful Austrian hometown I’ve lived in Paris (France), Salem (Germany) and Rovaniemi (Finland)

  • I studied art

  • I love travelling and I try to do it as often as possible.

I'd say that was enough (probably too much) information for now. If you want to find out more, or if you just think we might get along well - add me! I'm looking forward to getting to know you ;)