April 8th, 2013

Been lurking too long

Hi there,
I'm a twenty year old from Sydney, Australia. Despite having been on lj for a few years now, my journal is virtually empty at the moment. I think of things I'd like to post about and then I realise I have pretty much no active friends to read those posts anyway, so why bother :p
I joined lj mostly because of fandom stuff and then realised that it's actually a great community and i'd like to get to know the people here better.
So here I am, trying to make friends!
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My name is Angela, I'm from Sydney, Australia and in need for some new super cool cyber buddies.

Going with the flow typing facts about me:
I post about nothing really important but I hope that my unimportant post are some what interesting. I'm currently in love with my new box of eye shadow with 112 shades, so in love that I almost forgot about my love for my mini frying pan. Say I'm crazy but make-up makes me look and feel pretty and my frying pan is what makes my pancakes. I'm highly sarcastic at times (if you haven't notice) and it's sometimes frustrating being sarcastic in text. I'm big on reading. I have over 450 e-books on my I-pad. I would much prefer having physical books but books can be heavy and take up space so I only buy books if I really like the story and know that I will reread it.

I'm a pretty chill and open person. I, of course can be a bitch but who isn't from time to time?

I hope to have some new buddies. :)

Givin' This A Whirl

Why hello. I am 19. I'm a college student. I love to watch TV shows, drink a ridiculous amount of caffeine containing drinks, and (in the summer time) read a lot of books. I just made this new fresh-start livejournal account, though I had a different one for a few years. I pretty much just write about my life and my thoughts. I love all things Harry Potter. I'm really into music, and have a pretty broad spectrum of genera's that I enjoy. I'm hoping to get to know some new livejournal friends on here, so I suppose just let me know!
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New kid on the block.

Hello community!

I just landed here so right now I've only really got some interesting/support communities on my list. I'm always on the look out for more communities though (active preferably) so feel free to bring some suggestions along with your friendship!

I'd like to get to know anybody with a good sense of humor, a couple of common interests, or somebody happy to get to know me too. I have lovingly crafted an introduction post over at my new journal, if anybody cares to check it out.

I'm a 24 year old from the UK. I live with my dog and my best friend. I'm an animation/illustration student. I'm really interested in artists and 'the creatively inclined'.

I'm a 'twinless twin'. Meaning I was born with my twin sister, Megan, and she passed away in 2009.

I'm single but I expect I will write a lot about dating as I tend to get all caught up in people romantically. Also expect a lot of updates about the books, songs and foods that have me all excited or inspired at any given time.