April 14th, 2013

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I've been a member of this community for awhile, yet haven't posted...but since my friends list is looking a little sparse as of late, I thought I would finally go for it.

I post about my life, and various situations that arise. I have a four year old and a one year old.
I am bipolar type II, though I don't write about it frequently.
I'm a stereotypical Aquarius, an INFP personality type, and I particularly enjoy octopi art. :)
I can't dance, I drink socially, and I work as a part time model, mostly doing promotional work for various events. Print work when I feel up to it. My interests include psychology, reading, interesting conversations with strangers, spontaneous adventures, cooking, eating, and writing.

Other things you might like to know:

1. I have never seen The Goonies.
2. I dislike overly confrontational people, and/or people who use brutal honesty to make others uncomfortable.
3. Iced coffee and online shopping are the worst of my addictions.
4. I'm an atheist. I don't push my lack of beliefs on others, and please do not feel like you need to have similar ways of thinking to be friends. I respect your faith.
5. I just turned 26!! Sometimes, I still feel like I should be 15. Not sure where the time went..
6. I'm a dog person. Though I thoroughly enjoy pictures of cats doing silly things, felines and I just don't get along!
7. Peer pressure is my biggest weakness. My friends use this to to coax me out of my shell. If it weren't for my extroverted friends..I might be living in a cave somewhere, knitting bathrobes and chanting to myself. (;
8. This is very difficult for me to write, because self promotion is awkward.
9. Nine is a good number to stop at.

I'll post a picture of myself, and some additional information in my journal. I always read the journals of my friends, and comment when I have something to say. I'm looking for friends who will post frequently (though not a hundred times a day...because, seriously), comment when they feel they have something worth saying, and aren't...rude? I don't know, pleasant people are appreciated. :)

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I am EmphaticFrenzy, I made the name for myself because I felt that it was appropriate for my personality.

I become easily excited about new things and learning new things about this wonderful world around me. I am highly interested in the many aspects of life such as, love, spirituality and, death. I wish that as long as I'm alive I can learn more or at least provide for my fellow man in some positive way before I leave this world.

I enjoy writing and music. I'm trying to become a writer/musician though realistically I don't see myself going places with it. I feel that people should have a creative hobby to express themselves.

I play bass guitar and I'm trying to find a band to join that wouldn't mind my "experimental" style of playing. I also have a few book ideas that I would like to finish and have published sometime in the near future.

I respect that everyone is different, I enjoy communicating and sharing myself with others. I abhor being forced into situations I don't care for or enjoy. I'm very stubborn about certain things. *do not read that as close minded, there is a difference* I don't claim to have all the answers though I'm willing to listen. I honestly believe that people should have the right to do as they wish so long as what they do is not harmful to others.

I consider myself to be a very trusting and loving individual. I strive to gain sincere and profound relationships with other people no matter how I am able to keep in touch with them.

I hope that if you are reading this perhaps I can learn something from you or there is something you'd be willing to share with me.

I hope that if you are reading this perhaps I can be interesting to you in some way.
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I just created this lj and hoping to make new friends! I'm Christy. Almost 28. I am happily engaged to be married in June 2013. We have four children. My son is 7 years old, he has a 5 year old daughter, and 2 year twins (boy and girl) I had a lj a few years ago that I used to vent about my scum ex husband and get advice about my toddler son, but now I want to start a new chapter in my life. =) I'm a Christian. I do not judge those who do not share my beliefs. I'm tattooed, have a love for rock music, and a rebellious heart, but I do love Jesus. I'm honest, quirky, moody, and a bit of a hermit. I honestly don't have many real life friends. I just want to connect and relate with others again.

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Hello, add_me!

I have a lovely bunch of Livejournal friends, but I'm always hoping to meet more! I love to read about what's going on in the lives of others. :)

My name is Erin, and I'm twenty-seven years old. I'm happily married and live in a little house with my husband. We don't have any children, but we do have a cat (Midna). I work a ton, so I don't have a chance to get out a lot. I'll be honest and say that sometimes reading my friends list is the closest I come to going out any given weekend. It might sound pathetic to some, but I'd wager that my older and/or married LJ friends understand what I'm talking about. ;)

I write almost exclusively about everyday life things, so if that's not your bag, my journal might not be fun for you to read. I love reading the entries on my friends list! I prefer the general life journaling over fandom, but if you do both types of entries, I'd still like to be friends. :) I don't always comment (and likewise would never expect my readers to comment on my entries), but I do make a habit to always read my friends page. :)

I don't write a ton about my general interests, but I'd love to share so you can get a better idea of who I am.

My job keeps me busy enough that I don't spend a lot of time sitting around with physical books. I do listen to a lot of audiobooks while I work, though. Recently I've been listening to new and revisiting old Stephen King books. I also listened to a couple Sophie Kinsella books, but that's not something I'm proud to admit. I love recommendations!

TV Shows
I've fallen deeply in love with Doctor Who recently. I don't talk about things I'm into very much, but of the few things that do come up, Doctor Who is occasionally one of them. I'd LOVE to make more friends to chat about the show with! I also love Firefly, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Dollhouse, Battlestar Galactica, Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead. I enjoy The Daily Show, The Colbert Report, Kroll Show, and pretty much any other comedy I can get my hands on.

I'm a horror junkie, so my shelf is filled with them. I also love animated films (Disney, Pixar, Miyazaki, etc.), musicals, and a bunch of other random titles.

Other activities
I'd be willing to classify my affinity for nail polish as an obsession. I'm not crazy for clothes, shoes, or makeup, so I feel okay having this one thing I'm nuts over. I love to bake and cook, and wish we had more get togethers with friends and family to support this habit. I really enjoy writing, and keep telling myself that I'll occasionally use my journal for personal writing prompts. Maybe someday it will happen. ;) I love playing board games with anyone that wants to, and I love spending time with friends whenever our busy lives allow it.

If you'd care to add me, please comment! I'd love to make some new friends!