April 16th, 2013


Hello, world!

A somewhat big sentence to get a lot out of the way:
I like comedy, energetic music, computers, and I'm a spacey, cynical, eccentric, well-intentioned, logical, agnostic, 23-year-old, Wisconsinite short-ish white boy with an ex-JV-wrestler's build let drift into atrophy.

I'm looking for a pile of random friends that may or may not agree with what I have to say. I'm just starting up from scratch on here. As of writing this, I have 0 friends. Which I know isn't quite accurate, but I'd love to up that figure some.

I just finished what felt like a pretty lengthy bio, which explains some things that may help, for your consideration. Movies and music and stuff. So feel free to check that out. And if it's not visible, do share, because I don't really know yet if I'm doing much of this right.

I'm brand new to this, referring to chronicling my life in general. Apart from facebook updates, I've never really gotten into sharing things online, like with a journal or blog or anything like that. Never even been much of a forum guy, but I've recently picked up there a little. I find this to be at odds with how much I love computers. I think, who wants to hear it, and then just don't. But I realize that this also has private posts, so I can throw in just things I want to remember, and then toss some thoughts out to the world for input, see what you guys think.

I'm very inattentive, unintentionally, enough to gain a diagnosis saying so; not hyperactive, just not always there. I sometimes wonder if I may be bipolar or have depression, too, but I think it's just spells of just being depressed. And I think the bed-boundedness is due to running out of help-me-focus pills. When that happens, you're not just let down in terms of attention, you're completely let down.

I may overuse semicolons.

I don't know what my journal will consist of, as I haven't tested that yet, but I imagine i'll bitch some about overzealous capitalism, consumerism, music I absolutely cannot stand (CMT/MTV varieties), maybe write some speculations about people's motivations for doing things, introspective reflections of myself, and I might even dabble in some poetry. Who knows. I plan on letting curses flow freely; the results of which can vary widely depending on the day/hour. For example, I didn't censor myself during this post; they just didn't happen. But my bio has a few. And I looooooove South Park.

Add me if you'd like to take a walk on the wild side. Or if you just don't find me contemptible.

Knibb High football rules.
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Let's grow up and be kids.

A few things:

- I'm 23.
- I'm a journalist/creative writer. I got my Master's a few months ago, but I still have a soft spot for journal writing.
- I'm a native New Yorker. So no, you probably won't be able to offend me.
- My journal is private, until you're on my friends list.

I use my LJ to put my personal musings on paper, as it were. I talk about life, my aspirations, interpersonal relationships and how I perceive the world. All with a sense of humor, of course.

Getting back on LJ is a promise I've made, but keeping my thoughts to myself is no better than talking to my bedroom walls.

And hey, who doesn't like pictures? I like pictures. You do too. Here's one, to put a face to my text.

I have no patience for self portraits.

So, have at you.
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Good morning everyone!

I'm looking for some new lj buddies since almost all of mine seem to have fallen off the face of the earth. Bummer! Lj used to be so fun, but it's been lonely lately, and Facebook and twitter just aren't the same.

Anyway, I'm Kristin, I'm 27 and live in Phoenix az. I'm single and live on my own, no kids, one fat fluffy white cat. I got her from a shelter and she's the best thing I could have asked for. I work full time and take college classes off and on, right now is an "off" period.

Since I have no kids or relationship to talk about my posts are just random ramblings about what's on my mind, or my day to day life. My best friends name is Josh, and I'm with him ALL THE TIME, so I write about him a lot.

I also just had a huge falling out with my ex roommate/ex best friend, so that comes up quite a bit too. It was almost like a bad break up =\ he really hurt me a lot.

I try not to whine too much because I know no one wants to read posts that are constantly miserable. Don't get me wrong though, it's not all rainbows and glitter I do have some raging fits on occasion.

I enjoy going out to the bar and drinking, but my life doesn't revolve around it. I actually have more movie nights or nights in being a lazy bum than going out.

I like chick flicks and kiddie movies. My favorite Singer is P!nk. My favorite color is orange. I don't watch TV because I haven't been able to afford to pay for it. And I don't have the attention span for it either.

I'm random. Im sarcastic. And probably one of the Most bluntly honest people you will ever meet.

If you think we'd get along, add me! I love commenting and actually interacting with my Lj friends and getting to know them. I don't post every day. I don't expect comments on every post either. I don't comment on every post my friends make, I only do if I have something to say, but I do read all of them!

Comment if you add me! I do Most of my Lj stuff on my phone so I won't see you added me unless you tell me:)

Hope to make a few new friends! :)
Kitty, cat

Want new friends (:

I am looking for some friends on here, I just recently created an account and need people to talk to/ listen to my rambling lol.

A little about me:

  I am a female, yes my picture IS me.
    I am 17 and go to El Camino HS.
      My favorite color is green and I love animals.
        I have 4 dogs, 3 cats, 2 bunnies, and a snake.
          I am gay, lesbian, bi, transgender friendly- I don't judge.
            I am in a relationship and have been with the same guy since I was 14 (been together for 2 years, going on 3 in August.)
              I'll blog just about anything on my mind: Game of thrones, my relationship (even though he is on here lol. Honesty right?), my pets, my family, my friends, school, my favorite T.V shows, dance, etc.
                 See anything that you can relate to? Lets be friends!(: