April 19th, 2013

About me

Hey my name is Sherrina and i'm brand new to live journal so thought I'd do a quick post on here and try and make some friends :)

A bit about me

I'm 18 years old and live in the UK. I work part-time in a retail store called Primark and am hoping to get into an apprenticeship soon.
I'm really into music, not really fussy what kind, but atm into dubstep and drum n bass. I also love to read. I read all sorts from romance, horror, comedy, supernatural etc. You'll also find me on my xbox a lot lol.

That's all I can really think of to put down atm but feel free to add me always up for a chat and meeting new people :)

Paul Love

Another Search For Friends!

Some quick facts about myself:

24/Female/bi-ish i.e. complicated
College student
Sufferer of the PTSD
I have two pets, a pooch and kitty.

I've just realized I'm rather boring when comes down to basic facts, lol.

Okay, so I'll just move onto what I post about in my journal.
I curse, quite a fucking lot. Sometimes not all. Depends on my mood.

I'm in therapy, have been for a little over three years now so of course I write about that. Not to mention I sure as heck write about what caused me to go to therapy which would be being beat, molested and raped until I was 11-ish by my father. I sometimes have issues with drinking and self-injury so those topics are discussed as well. My journal isn't all depressing "woe is me" sort of crap though. Shit, even when I do post about my issues it's rarely in a "woe is me" format, I like to think they're more introspective. I work through shit in my head using my keyboard. Anyhow, what I was going to say is that I also post about my social life, what little there may be lol. And right now you will find a bit about a certain man that I'm trying not to fall for.... do I need to mention that I'm failing miserably at that task? lol. I never in a million years thought I'd seriously fall for a man, I kinda prefer the women for certain reasons. So yeah, I kinda talk about that a bit 'cause I'm trying to figure out what I'm going to do.

I feel like a weregirl to be honest. I use to listen to only old 70's rock and wear only t-shirts and jeans. My hair up, hat on, no makeup. But now I'm quoting Demi Lovato and understanding the lyrics to current pop love songs. "You make me wanna act like a girl. Paint my nails and wear perfume." I'm transforming!

Yeah, so that's a taste of the kind of shit you'll find in my journal.

I do post pictures, gifs and videos.
No I don't put them behind a cut, unless they're really big.

I do like people who comment, show an interest, etc.
As for what I'm looking for in other people's journal? Well it's pretty fucking simple, don't be a fucking closed minded, bigoted, douche bag and we'll be fine.

I leave you with a  picture of me at this year Fl Film Festival.

yo, teapots

Sweet Jesus, what is my deal?

Hi everybody! I find myself here a lot as I try to scrape the ashes of my journal together and rebuild after many long months of absence. It's tragic, really.

ANYWAY. Some things about me now:

I am: 23 (for another three weeks), some kind of queer something (pretty sure that's like a prerequisite for having a livejournal anymore), monogamously married (it's cute, but I don't talk about it too much because wow are the details of married life boring), currently living in Saint Louis, MO, possessed of a wide and varied range of mental and social quirks and charming defects (after about five minutes of me you will think I'm a fascinating and enigmatic free spirit OR that I am frighteningly odd--you will want to hug me forever and have me tell you bedtime stories or you will want to first walk quickly in an opposing direction and then cautiously avoid me in any and all future situations). I am also a big fan of parenthetical digression (if you couldn't tell).

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gambit, x-men

Damn, this got really long...


I'm a weird 27-year-old bisexual (kinda still questioning) trans*guy, a dual citizen of Germany/Poland and a student of bioinformatics with an emphasis on genome research, and – surprise – here to find some friends.

I had some sad experiences when trying to make friends, so I got very picky and maybe even demanding. I promise you don't have to sign anything official when friending me.

Random facts about me:

- A huge fan of Scandinavian countries. I'm also in a long distance relationship with a Finn. This is a pure coincidence. I hate summer.

- I'm a student of bioinformatics, but I'm trying to get into medicine. Yes, I'm a big dreamer!

- I suffer from mental health issues like depression and (social) anxiety. I'm not a happy-go-lucky person, most of my entries are written when I'm kinda down or overthinking stuff (and I do that a lot), so be aware of that. I have some Asperger's syndrome traits as well (for example, I don't get 'well wishes' like 'Everything will be fine') and sometimes my thought are rather bouncy or/and hard to follow. I'm in therapy and I write about it. If you have a hard time dealing with depressed people, please - pretty please - think twice before adding me.

- Bad with taking advices. Especially when they start with "Just do..." and end with "You didn't even try!".

- I like (computer) games, mostly MMOs and RPGs, but also simulation and strategy games like Sim City, Transport Tycoon, Civilization, Final Fantasy Tactics, League of Legends and others. I used to play a lot of pen and paper RPGs in the past (AD&D, Das Schwarze Auge which could be known to German speaking members here), but I can't find a group which fits me.

- Although I don't have money or timeI enjoy reading and watching TV/series/movies. I prefer science books, fantasy, sci-fi, mangas, classics and some others. My last book was "The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks" by R. Skloot. I love superhero movies like The Avengers or Batman; House, Criminal Minds and NCIS; Battlestar Galactica or Star Trek. I'm also a huge Alan Rickman fan and like many other people I enjoy music - mostly metal, electro and classical music.

- I used to draw and I intend to do it again in near future.

- I'm a bad and boring entertainer and I have the tendency for long and unnecessary sentences, even paragraphs. I have no shame.

- Agnostic, pro-choice, pro-stem cell research. Not always politically correct.

- I'm super curious, but shy. I don't mind personal questions. It's an anonymous journal. I can be brutally honest too.

- For more info, check the interests on my profile, but I think I got most of it covered.

What I'm not interested in/stuff that annoys me/what I can't handle/my flaws (aka the part where I scare everyone who made it until here off):

- YouTube video and picture spammers. I'm fine with embedded videos once in a while (once a week, preferably behind a cut, especially when people actually TALK about the picturs/videos) or regular pictures of your dogs and cats, np, but I noticed that I skip entries which overuse pictures/gifs emphasizing moods/opinions or videos.

- FanFics. Once in a while only. I rarely read them.

- Pro-life anti-stem cell research everything-is-alright-as-it-is Christians.

- I have a difficult relationship with the word "feminism".

- Sometimes I judge and I know this tells more about me than you. Should I ever hurt you with my thoughtlessness -> hit me.

TL;DR version: 27. DE/PL FtM. Undecided student with difficult personality and lots of mental health issues. 0.5-3 entries/week poster, varies. Looking for friends?


My name is Roxee, I am 33 and live in Mich. I have 6 cats, 1 bunny, 1 hamster that are my babies :) I love to knit, crochet, read, write, swim, fish, landscape, play online, penpal, go to thrift stores and lots more. I am looking for some great friends :) I am not sure what else to say lol, so feel free to ask questions :)