April 22nd, 2013

get outdoors

Okay, why not?

I've been on LJ since 2007 but few of my friends use it anymore, so I am looking to add to my friends. I am a married female with wonderful grown children, living my life in Michigan. I do love this state despite its issues and plan to remain here, although I would like to someday move to the Upper Penninsula. More my style.

I am an outdoorswoman, and a naturalist. I love hiking, kayaking, birding, backpacking, car camping, and almost anything outside or in the woods. At some point in time, I realized I was a naturalist first. The "hikers" are intent on hiking as many miles as they can, the kayakers are searching for their white water adventures, some of the birders are looking to increase their "life list", and the backpackers are often counting their miles on the longest trails they can find. I do all of those things, but I do them slowly and in my own way and I stop to smell the flowers (and identify them. LOL). My outdoor adventures are not goal oriented, but are designed for me to enjoy all of nature in any way that I can. I am thrilled that my husband and some of my children can also enjoy nature's excitement.

I love animals, and have a 13 year old dog, Gypsy, and a silly cat Nico. I love going to zoos.

My work? I'm a Health Unit Coordinator at a local hospital in the Birth Center. I happen to love it. It's not what I've always done, but it's what I do now.

Music? I'm so eclectic about that I don't even know where to start. Probably suffice to say that I like a little bit of everything: classic rock, classic country, alternative rock, bluegrass, seafaring, cajun, almost all forms of folk music, some hip hop and rap. Recently I'm pretty enthralled by The Lumineers, Gotye, and Connor Oberst. Is that crazy enough? But I do LOVE music. I used to play the guitar, mandolin and fiddle, but not anymore.

Oh, and I love to cook. In keeping with music, my food tastes are also all over the place. I like every style of food, Mexican, Indian, Polish, Italian. But I stick with whole foods and I keep it healthy. Love whole grains, fruits and veggies. Also have fun coming up with menus for backpacking and dehydrating foods, gourmet style.

So, well, that's me. Add me if you like, because I will enjoy reading your journal! Oh, and my name is Debi. :)