April 30th, 2013


don't know where to go with life - I am just me.

It's been a long while since I last posted. New friends if I can bond with bonus.

Me: Sasha, 26 living in Middle of England. I'm in a LDR :3
Got a part time job but looking for more work and I have several health things which will get spoken about. Open minded, non-religious but have my own beliefs.
I have piercings, tattoos, dye my hair, have wigs. I own two manx cats and a tortoise :3
I'm such a Huffelpuff ;D

Likes Gothic Couture and Culture, Alternative lifestyles, Japanese influences like street fashion, Geisha, food, some manga and animes.
I have a very big sweet tooth and used to run my own sweet shop. Would love to find people to do candy exchanges with XD
I like tattoos and piercings etc. Long haired guys are hot :3 *hence my boif* Variety of Rock and Metal Music, Finland am obsessed with... FINLAND :D Seriously I am open to adoption ;P I do Wish to travel more. Crime Novels - well books and want to compare and recommend.

Fantasy, Paranormal, Myths and the Mythical types - Vampires, werewolves. Childish stuff - The Lion King Cute things, Moomins. Also into Tim Burton Productions, Game of Thrones, Drawing for fun, cooking, photos, animals.....

Oh gosh read my info LOL

Want to Add I am looking for people I can bond with so similarities is a real bonus.
Please say here if your adding me don't just add without telling :(
I am not always the happiest person and I cannot help it. If your a racist, sexist or very religious and push your beliefs or quote a lot maybe I am not the best person for you.

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~I'm Back~

I took a brake from livejournal for a while. I just needed to take myself out of the look for a bit. I'm looking for some new friends and new journals to read and comment on though.
Who I am - I'm a thirty-year old lady and I can be eccentric at times. I love horror movies, dark artwork/goth art and cutler , though I'm more bohemian.
I adore animals, books, coffee and shopping. I'm a Witch and enjoy making other friends who have that interest as well. I'm also a SoulBonder and that's a very important part of my life but if you would like to read more about that part. please add underwoodbistro . Social wise, I'm a total nerd and generally speaking play the part of the side kick.

What I Write About - Health, family and animals mostly. I have two cats and a betta fish that I love very much. I also talk about movies that I watch quite frequently and I tend to be very nostalgic about childhood media. I also talk about what kinds of healing crystals and other ritual tools I have.

Who Can Add Me- I find it hard to be able to make everyone happy on-line. It's very easy to hurt people's feelings and get into arguments. I'm looking for people who don't hold back but also understand that I do have issues with stress. I have a  syndrome and I don't always do well with drama at all. Anyone who is really open minded and into alternative life styles as well. I'm not that picky though really. Just not big on drama.

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Hi, my name is Janet! I'm 20 years old and going to college, majoring in Nursing. I had a stroke when I was 18. I'm looking for people who understand my challenges in life with the stroke. I'm welcoming all kinds of people, though. I will try to talk about my day and other things besides my 'stroke challenges'.  You can add me or comment and I will add you :)