May 10th, 2013

Live Urinal

GREETINGS People of the Live Urinal.

---Had imagened "Journal" said in english with a heavy spanish accent pronouncing the letter "J" as it would in spanish. Which would sound like "Y". "Yer-nul" = "Urinal"---

New here. Figuring it out. Used to blog regularly back in the day myspace. I'd just spill a little out of my head. People were regularly entertained I guess, or confused, came back to see more. I'm often entertained by what goes on in my brain and don't mind sharing some of it.

I'm a very friendly, honest, respectful person. I'm more accepting of those who aren't afraid of being a little different. Who can think for themselves. Who can remove themselves from, the laws, and norms of our culture and allow thoughts that may alter from what is right and wrong, only for the purposes of having all the pieces but without someone else's instructions of "How it's done" and instead put it together how you like or just a better design in your opinion.

My journal entries are random. May seem as if by different people at times.

Before anyone friends me.
I recommend you aren't religious
or bothered by topics that can be touchy subjects

If you think outside the box.
Then stay there and continue thinking about what's outside!

If you're out the box.
But having trouble finding others
because so many are still inside thinking

Then I welcome you!