May 11th, 2013


My name is Andy.

i'm twenty one years old and i am canadian. my gender is inconsequential.

i love my chemical romance, the used, skillet and pete yorn. many more bands apply; ask and i'll say if i know/like them or not. if i don't know them, i will after you mention them.

i like manga and anime (thought mostly josei or other such things) that mostly have a slice-of-life feel. i love angst. i also love horror flics and never pass an opportunity to watch a good dc/marvel movie. superheroes, yo. (augh, black canari. requiescat in pace, love.)

i love videogames. not really fond of fps games, but i'll give 'em a go. notingly a huge geeky fan of assassin's creed, the legend of zelda and resident evil. and silent hill. (creeps me the fuck out though.)

message me, text me, email me; hardly ever a message i won't reply to.
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    mother - smother