May 14th, 2013


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-I'm 27
-I'm a libra
-I follow astrology
-I'm currently single
-I'm a boston girl
-I'm an only child
-I'm a CHD survivor/epilepsy survivor
-I'm a migraine/headache sufferer


-Backstreet Boys
-Harrison Ford
-Johnny Depp
-Star Wars
-Indiana Jones


-Constant weather change

I write bout my medical struggles. My daily life. if you dont care bout medical stuff or cursing then feel free to add me, but comment here first pls. i dont want just anyone reading my journal...

Do you speak to yourself?

I find that I constantly do that... perhaps it's an only child syndrome (well I stopped being an only child at 14 but it still counts).

A bit about me...
~I'm 24
~A Capricorn
~Recently moved across Texas and started working.
~Love all things anime, manga, bjd, and jmusic/kmusic related (although I don't claim being an expert)
~I love music in general
~I'm bi-sexual... actually I'm more pansexual but it's easier to explain if I say I'm the first.
~I love dogs...going crazy at the moment because I want one SO BAD!
~Love tatttoos (don't have any of my own... YET)
~Slowly stretching my earlobes.

I'm welcome to anyone and everyone I just ask that you don't force any kind belief down my throat and that if we disagree about something we can be adults about it. I respect your opinions and, hopefully, you can respect mine. 
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