May 20th, 2013

Queen of the Cats.

Let's Make Friends!

I'm Grunge - most information you'd want to know about me is neatly arranged in my bio, but I'll cover the basics:

Age: 21, Pisces
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Unlabeled, approximately pansexual, but taken and monogamous.

I have a very simple mission statement on LiveJournal: I want to make friends. The mommies, the mommy-to-be's, the 90's music fans, the people making a complicated relationship work, those interested in fandoms I enjoy, the people will a sarcastic wit that can appreciate my own, all of you. Anyone who might find some amusement, joy, or ability to relate in reading about my day to day, and whom I will hopefully feel the same about.

I'm a sufferer of bi-polar disorder, borderline personality disorder, and pregnancy hormones, currently 6.5 months pregnant with my first spawn following a natural and surprise conception, four years after being diagnosed as infertile due to PCOS. It's to this lovely surprise I'll become a stay at home mother to around August 24th of this year. At least, this is the plan. He's measuring quite large, so Mr. Grunge and I are keeping our fingers crossed that he holds out til the big day. Oh, and then there's Mr. Grunge, age 31, my loving and very much loved other half, a sufferer of Aspergers syndrome, the breadwinner for our family, and my partner on project Coexist and Breed Version 1.0. Mr. Grunge will also be bringing me to the milestone of my second marriage in the near future, although we're concerned far more with Grungebaby and parenting at the moment than legalizing our union.

Most of my mind is preoccupied with babybrain - what to buy, what's overly commercialized crap that we don't actually require to raise a human, defending choices like non-vaccination, non-circumcision, how to meld Mr. Grunge's Norse viking religion with my own hodgepodge Paganism, etc. - but I still function on the same mental wavelength as any other person, as much as I was ever capable of. It's just filled with more hormonal moments, dealing with a big move just two weeks ago and another on the horizon before Grungebaby arrives, the chaos of being pregnant after never expecting to be, and general life. It's messy, it's ironic, and it's beautiful, all at the same time.

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pretty cunning, don't ya think?

Hello. I would like to be your friend.

My journal is kind of a grab bag of subjects. I'm eighteen and don't know what I'm doing in the world yet, but I'd like to think of myself as mature. That being said, I'm a huge gamer. I'm mostly into RPGs and MMORPGs such as the Elder Scrolls games, Mass Effect, and World of Warcraft. As a side note, anyone else super excited that Rift is going free? I also post about my day to day life, though I try to keep it to significant events. I am currently working on a Night Elf Druid Tier 11 costume, and I like to post about my progress with that. I like to geek out over my favorite shows, books, and movies. I used to be really into fandom and still dabble here and there. I probably won't post about it, but I don't mind if you do!

On a more serious note, I do have depression and anxiety, though it's under control. Once in a blue moon I will post about it. I try to make these posts as unobtrusive as possible, but if it bothers you I won't be offended.

I'm not a huge commenter, and I don't really expect any comments from other people (though they are super fun). I just like knowing what's going on in someone else's world once in a while. Please drop me a comment here or PM me if you're friending me so that I can friend you back!

this is me
(This is me)

Let's be friends forever

Hey. I'm new to LJ and I would like to meet new friends.

About me:
I'm 19
I'm Asian
Small deek
I moved to Canada I think 8 years ago
I'm straight
INTP or INFP I don't know
Attending college on September. Taking General Science. I still don't know what my main goal is. Haha.
I'm looking for a job
Depression I think
Schizoid PD or Avoidant PD (Self diagnose). Yay
Some of my internet friends calls me a troll (I'm a troll in a good way lol.) This might be because of my cynical, sarcastic attitude
I am a freakin procrastinator
Motion sickness

I don't hate anything. Anything that I do not like, I pretty much don't care about them or I care a little about them. I might hold opinions about something I do not like but it doesn't include attacking the person.

Though, you can conclude I hate people (not you though, unless if you are the bad type of people)
I don't like Math
I don't like FPS games (because I get motion sickness)
Cloverfield made my head hurt (That's the only thing I remembered watching that movie)
I don't like trance/house/edm and those electronic music

Music: Just about any rhythm and blues. I haven't listened to newer tunes because new RnB started sucking. At least the latest ones that I have heard. I can't really say specific artists that I like because I just choose music from their albums that I like and listen. I never focus on one artist and listen to all of their songs. They have bad songs and good songs. Some artists: Ne-Yo, Mario Vazquez, Lloyd, Omarion (his older songs), Lil Wayne (his older songs), etc. I also listen to other genres with RnB like rap could have rnb in them or hip hop.
I like some rock/alternative rock. I can't think of any band on top of my heard. And like stated above, and this is especially true to this genre, I pick songs of the artists and not entire album or entire artist's music.

Television Shows: I don't watch a ton of TV Shows. I'm a big fan of Angel the Series and Jericho. I'm watching Community right now. Hilarious show. There are many TV Shows that I have watched but I haven't finished them (Castle, Bones, etc.). Right now they are all on hold and I might probably not watch them. The reason why I am watching Community and liking it is because it's only twenty minutes xD

Anime: The lame kinds. Slice of life, Sci-fi (Steins Gate), Harem, etc. I just pick up series which I think are interesting. Drop the ones that I don't like.

Games: I do not play a lot of games because I do not have a very good computer, however, once I get a job (which is a primary goal) I will get a new computer when I earn dollars (which is the next goal when I achieve my previous goal) sexy. I'm a League of Legend fan and I play once in a while if I get on a great computer. I'm not gonna say I'm an ADOM fan but I've played ADOM.

I like science, particularly Biology and Psychology.

I like animals

Dog person (though I don't have a dog). I don't mind cats too. Not like I hate them.

I like learning new things.

I like hockey. I tune in to NHL, though that is dwindling down because of the lockout. Vancouver Canucks fans. Any hockey fans add me. Don't care if you are Hawks or Bruins fans. I have online friends that are Bruins fans.

Nostalgic stuff

What I'll post about:

Basically life. Including the depression/schizoid and stuff stated above. Life problems.

I'll post some of my goals. I need to do that. To be honest I do not do that at all. If I start doing it, I might accomplish more.

What I'm thinking about

Ramblings and rants.

Perhaps Anime reviews.

Some random fictional stories perhaps

No idea. There could be many more. Recipes? Tips and tricks in something? Someone ask me something I post? I'll post when I feel like posting.

That's it for me. Leave comment here or PM me

Let's be friends, shall we?


I'm looking to boost my friends list a bit and meet some new people. :)

My name is Brittany and I'm 27 years old. I live in the Washington D.C area which is both awesome and overwhelming! So much to do, so little time and all that jazz.

Right now I'm slaving away during the day as a Financial Analyst for a government agency. In other words, I play with spreadsheets all day. This totally wasn't my plan and ended up being a career I landed in on pure dumb luck and opportunity. And it turns out I'm good at it!

...But I hate it. So I got real and enrolled in Graduate School about 2 years ago to get my Master's in Community Counseling. So right now I live this weird double life of working as a budget analyst and now seeing clients on the weekends and evenings. CRAY CRAY.

I am single but dating...or something. I definitely have a lot of rants about being single and dating. But also some LOL-worthy stories.

I suffer from a diagnosed Anxiety Disorder and do spend some time talking about my struggles with that and handling day to day life.

Oh! And I'm a cat lady. I have 2 rescue kitties that I talk about all the time.

Aviary Photo_130117458955996405

That's my face!

Just as a disclaimer: I read everything and comment whenever I feel it necessary. You may not get comments on every single entry you write but I do comment when I feel like I have something pertinent to add.