May 22nd, 2013


looking for new friends!

  • 31 year old female
  • Pisces (into astrology quite a bit!)
  • Canadian
  • Married (won a contest in a wedding magazine last year and was married for free in Mexico and will be featured in the Weddingbells magazine out next month!)
  • No kids (having troubles?)
  • Smoker
  • Works as a technical writer for a large corporation.
  • Loves:  90s, astrology, music, writing, reading, true crimes, netflix parties, animals, my husband, swearing (I swear A LOT in my journal so don’t add me if this offends you), summertime, the ocean, psychology, law, and realistic people.
  • Dislikes: Religion, judgmental people and people who are easily offended (don’t add me if you’re easily offended because I’m outspoken and very free minded!)
I usually write about my day to day, sometimes I have good days, sometimes I have bad days. My mother is currently fighting breast cancer and my husband may be sick with cancer as well (results pending hopefully we’ll know the full story in June) so I’ve seen better days right now but I’m trying to remain calm and positive.  I read my entire friends list on a daily basis, but I won’t comment on every single entry. If you’re looking for constant feedback, you won’t get it from me but I will occasionally give you a shout! I don’t expect you to comment on all of my entries either.

If you are interested, add me and comment on this entry so I know to add you back. I’m hoping to find some good friends as I have in the past at this community. Note, if you add me and we don’t mesh or you scroll over my entries after a while because you find me hella boring, please feel free to delete me. I won’t be offended and I don’t do friends cut because I think that’s ridiculous.


Here I am this is me.

Greetings. My name is Valerie and I am from South West Quebec. I am French Canadian. I am a diehard Moose-Kateer and I do love everything Jared Padalecki has done. His wife Genevieve Cortese and their son Thomas Colton Padalecki are also an absolute joy in my life.

My online friends have introduced me to the Supernatural fandom during the summer of 2011 and I fell completely in love with everything about it. I blew through all the seasons I could get my hands on and have managed to now have almost every Jared film too.

When I am not enjoying my Moose, I like to chat with my online friends. Hopefully we can become great friends and I can infect you with some love for Moose! Despite the fact that I am a straight woman, I am a very proud supporter of LGBT rights until the very end.

My journal is for friends only. Leave me a comment below or here with a small introduction before adding me as a friend and I am going to add you back without a problem. Thanks.
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