May 27th, 2013

So, This is LiveJournal

So this is the magical hellhole that people call LiveJournal? You know, I've heard this place called many names: the Internet's toilet bowl, the teenage excretion box, the nerd corner. Never thought I'd actually join in on the whole "blog about shit you like" thing. Unless there's food. Or porn. Or the best of all, food porn.

I kid, of course, which is unfortunate for everyone involved. You know, sometimes in life, you feel like nobody knows or cares about you. You want to be famous and loved and respected, if only for a short time. So you start an internet journal in the hopes that people will see it and laugh. You will almost inevitably fail. Lucky for me, this won't be a problem, because I am awesome and by definition lovable. Seriously, I am talented in the artistic and academic fields. I will have no trouble finding a legion of followers to bend at my every whim.

The doctor's in, bitches. Have some pretty pictures: