May 29th, 2013

looking for shiny new friends

So my friends list has pretty much gone and died and that's sad.
So I thought I'd write this. and find some new awesome people. Are you here?

My blog and I:
I like music more than I probably should.  I like most any genre, but the music I like the most is probably not the kind you like.  That's ok.  I don't judge. haha.  Actually, I listen to heavy metal, industrial metal, Visual Kei and random whatevers....

In general, I'm basically goth without actually liking goth music (except Bauhaus, 'cause they're awesome).  so basically that means????   I'm a little morbid, like black, skulls, and non-sparkly vampires.

I live in Japan.  Sometimes I blog about how sucky being an immigrant is, sometimes I blog about how awesome Japan is.  Sometimes I don't.

I like boys.  sometimes I blog about them.  I usually like very pretty boys that are very out of my league, so my stories usually have sad endings.

and uh...I'm 26? from small town america?

that sums it all up, I think.
My blog is mostly open, so you can look up more there and see if we'd get along. :)