June 11th, 2013

Beautiful day.

Lords only need endlessly loyal y-kings.

Hey there.

I am Rina & I would like to get to know more people through this place :). But the fact my name*s Rina is not really the reason why, of course. ;)

What more can I say about myself? - I am 29 years old, I live in Germany, I do have two cats called Minnie* & Lumi*, whom I love dearly. I loveloveLOVE music, i. e. I sing, I play the (electric) guitar, I compose music in my freetime, and I often can be found writing lyrics for songs, too. I also enjoy listening to music, of course (mainly J-Rock (including the befamous Visual Kei), J-Pop, old-school Goth Rock, Deathrock/Batcave, Industrial, EBM, Electronica, Punk Rock, New Wave, Glam Rock, K-Pop, Eurodance, ... My absolute favourite bands/artists include Közi, ZIZ, Malice Mizer, Xa-Vat, Eve Of Destiny, Roman Rain, Santa Hates You, Project Pitchfork, Specimen, Space Tribe (Yes, I like that kind of music, too!!), Placebo, David Bowie, and many, many more!), as well as watching movies & reading! My absolute favourite movie of all time*s Labyrinth, with David Bowie, the crush of my childhood. Labyrinth really means a lot to me because I can always find new details in this movie, and yet haven*t found them all, & the worm*s about the wisest movie character I have ever "met". And books? I LOVE the writings of Banana Yoshimoto and Franz Kafka, as well as books by Dr. Brian Weiss, Rhonda Byrne, and Neale Donald Walsch ^o^.

I sometimes also spend my time drawing, writing (Poems, stories, and I am planning to write my very first complete fanfic soon ...), and designing homepages. I also am a huge language fan (having learned six languages and am still willing to learn more), my favourite languages being Japanese and Finnish. I enjoy traveling, and being the dreamy person that I am, I love looking at images from places all over the world, too. Last but not least, I also enjoy DANCING, whilst not being able to do that right now because I am actually ill right now. But in a few days, again! Esoteric and the paranormal somehow describes a huge field of interest for me, too, as I have been practicing reading the tarot and making horoscopes from my early teenage days ;). As for the paranormal, I usually mean things like psychokinesis, telepathy/telempathy, remote viewing, precognition, clairvoyance/-audience, etc. when speaking about this ...

Other than that, I really hope I didn*t bore you/scare you away/etc. right now. What I am basically looking for is people who are open-minded, authentic & kind. You should be around my age, even though I don*t really give much of a damn about this anymore; it is just that the topics I write about may not be that interesting for others to read ... Or let*s just say be +/-5 years from 29, but it is not that much of a strict rule. I don*t care where you are from and I accept both female and male friends. Maybe you should have something in common with me other than my favourite colour (turquoise), or my sun sign (Taurus), for example, so please have a look at my interests, too. :) If you have any questions or are (planning on?) adding me, please comment on this post.
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