June 12th, 2013


Howdy :)

I have been using LJ for around 11 years. I go through periods of time where I write and read a ton and then life catches up with me and I don't get around to it. I always come back though :)

My name is Chelsey and I am 29 years old and live in Ohio. My journal used to be full of pictures, party stories, boys, concert reviews, and raging emotions but it has died down some over the years :P I write mostly about life, how I feel, my life struggles (or the black cloud that I swear lives over my head) dreams, my boyfriend, friends and whatever else. I am a very emotional person and love to write when I am in the mood. I am also going to online school for human services. My boyfriend has several medical conditions and I write a lot about our struggles with his problems and all that fun stuff.

LIKES: Metal, industrial, alternative, THE 90'S! seriously the 90's were the best and so was the music. Concerts, ACTUAL cd's not that mp3 player crap, Seafood, dry humor and sarcasm, Autobiographies on rockstars, serial killers, and other interesting people, open-minded people, good conversations, movies that make you feel good, make you think or laugh, body mods, black, kitty cats and other animals,  my cute boyfriend and whatever else that is listed on my info.

DISLIKES: Ignorance, crap rock, ICP, waking up early, cucumbers, infomercials, boy bands and all this other popular mindless music that has taken the souls of our youth, getting older, feeling fat and uncomfortable, anxiety, people who don't watch where they are going, (people in general I guess, haha) and a bunch of other stuff that I don't feel like thinking about.

Anyway, if you have similar interests, have a crazy fun interesting life or just whatevs, please add me and let me know you did :) I have included a pic of my boyfriend Ricky and I.

Erased, Over, Out

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Looking for new friends


My name is Juliana, but nicknames are very welcome! Most of my friends call me Julie or Jules.

I'm Brazilian, born and raised in Rio... still living here. I learned English in the UK as a kid because dad was on an assignment there for the brazilian navy. My journal is in English, don't worry.

I'm here looking for friends. I like to connect to people, I like people who write about their life and who comment on my life (yes, btw, my posts are about my life, struggles, fears, hopes...)

I am 34 years old, recently surprised with my own divorce. No children, we were trying to get pregnant when he bailed. And I've just began looking around and really appreciating my new single life. So there's something a LOT of that in my journal.

I'm a shy nerdy girl who loves fantasy and sci-fi books, TV Shows and Movies. I'm not even going to try to make lists, because they'd be huge.

I've been on LJ on and off for years, always with this same account. And I have made some very good friends here and some of them are so close I now consider them RL friends (even though they abandoned their LJs ^_^, but life happens).

I'm looking forward to meeting you guys and making new friends.

Misplaced and fallen into the generation gap

I feel terribly old today.  Terribly, terribly old.   That being said, I'm 35 in reality.  I prefer my LJ buds to be at least 18 because I do occasionally post adult content.  That's why my LJ has that little warning on it.  ;)

First off the details that are compulsory:

*I'm happily married and have been for the past 17 years.
*I have two kids (14 year old son and a 2 year old son).
*I have filters on my journal because I don't believe we have to share every interests and I know some of them are just plain boring to others.  *The filters are:  Sex, Writing, Spirituality and Gaming.
*I'm bisexual...though why this would matter to you I don't know.
*I'm pagan, most of this gets filtered into the Spirituality filter however and I don't hold anyone's belief against them so let's not make a big deal out of this, shall we?

Things I post about:

*My Kids, yes they are on there.  So is my husband occasionally and other family mumbo jumbo stuff.  It's part of my life.
*Things I'm dealing with such as the recent lost of my Father, tending to elderly parents and financial stuff once in a blue moon.
*Goofy rambles about nonsense.
*Gaming updates on the games I play, its filtered.
*Stories I write, filtered and lj-cut for benefit of the F-list.
*Spiritual rambles and musings, filtered
*Video editing and/or previews of videos I'm currently editing, etc.
*Pictures when I'm in the mood to post some.

You can look at my profile to see what I'm into as I'm just too tired at the moment to type that all out AGAIN.

I also use Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc etc..and I don't mind LJ friends adding me on them but LJ has always been my first love.  I've been on here in one form or another since 2004.  <3 Let's keep it alive!

Oh PS to put a face to the name:
Logan & Me
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Hey all!

I've been on LJ for a long time, but have been writing privately recently after a bad spell (basically I didn't want to get on peoples nerves with my constant whining!). Anyway I've decided to return to the fray, the only problem now being I only have a few active journals on my flist (do people still call it a 'flist'?!).

A bit about me:
I'm a 25 year old female from London, UK.  I'm a uni drop-out (twice over...I don't do things by halves), currently running a small business selling vintage clothes, however my ultimate goal is to be a writer, so I'm really trying to push forward with that this year.
I like travelling, going to music shows, History, reading, feminism and comedy.  I am quite self-deprecating by nature and enjoy people with a good sense of humour who don't take themselves too seriously.
I was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder 3 years ago, so I do sometimes write about my struggles with that. I actually have told very few people, so my journal is my main outlet for all the drama that comes with it.

My journal is an honest, sometimes crude and/or cringe-worthy account of my life and everything that's going on in it. I would prefer to add people who also write in depth and honestly about their life; we don't necessarily have to have lots (or anything!) in common.

aaaaand finally, here's a photo-
(I look mental... that's only half true)

Thanks for reading, feel free to add :)

P.S. I apologise in advance for my crappy LJ layout...I think I was trying to be 'ironic' or something...I'll get round to changing it soon!

Follow someone weird today!

Music - EDM, hardstyle and alternative metal
Studying Psychology
Philosophical skepticist and relativist
Overcome 15 years of morbid depression and have now been happy for 2 years
Used to suffer with self-harm and kleptomania
Tea, chocolate, red wine
Interior design, tumblr
Alternative makeup and style
Lucid dreamer

Please add me! I post reaaallly long entries but you don't have to read the whole thing you can just read the odd paragraph here and there and pick up something funny. I don't actively socialise on livejournal as such but it'd be nice to just follow eachother's journals :)