June 15th, 2013

hard day; need random friends

Hello. So I wrote a journal entry on here after quite a break and then wished that there was someone to read it. It's venting, cuz I had a bad day, but I at least found it rather entertaining upon reading it back. Read it? Here's the beginning:

Originally posted by kingdomadvancer at hard day; sad
I was tempted to start a whole new account on live journal because I feel so different from who I've been. I then realized that I've never really had anyone read my journals anyways bc they're normally private...so that's a fresh enough start for me. Does anyone read public posts, though?
If so, dear reader, here is my rant after a rather bad day in the life of a twenties-chronically ill-artsy-world peace/doesn't-actually-know-who-she-is girl. Hello.

I like mint.
and wolves too.
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tbbt amy hmmm

Is 'peacenik' even a concept anymore?

LJ kept me sane, once upon a time when life was bad and I hid from the world for a bit. And then I recovered, grew stronger, went back out into reality and no longer had time to post my erudite, witty thoughts on everything from gardening, to sex, to John Lennon's thighs (the latter subject requires no comment, surely?). Although to be fair, erudite and witty ain't an everyday thing, I'd be more likely whinging about work and why all the cake is gone.

Why is the cake always gone?

If you add me, my journal is quite sparse in recent months (years...). Trying to overcome that and adding a few new and interesting reads is the way forward. No need to comment, just add me if you fancy and we'll see how we get on. :) I'm something of a peacenik, I like wit, banter, flirting, silliness and joy. And cake. Lots of. ;)
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Smile - Licky-D


Hello everyone!

I've been a member of Livejournal for a number of years.  I've watched people come and go being attracted to other social forms of media, but I've always stayed.  Lately I've been noticing a number of people returning.  And I'm looking for some new people to socialize with and become friends.

I'm 36 years old.  I'm a stay at home mom to an autistic child whom is 11.  I'm also married to a wonderful man whom works full time so I can stay home and assist my other special little man.

For hobbies I am so into anything creative.  I love art.  in all forms, but mostly of a traditional means.  I love to try my hand at everything from plain old graphite drawings, to pastels, water color, and paints.  But then I'm fond of any old arts and crafts I can get my hands on as well.  I love to make my on candles.  I'm also trying to learn to crochet.  I also like to collect shiny rocks.  lol  that sounds silly but seriously, I love collecting stone spheres or rare earth specimens.

I'm a horror fan.  Loving to watch new and classic movies alike.  Pretty much anything horror themed will get my attention despite it's medium.  Be it comics, books, movies, or games.

My favorite gaming series would be that of Legacy of Kain and the Resident Evil series.  Though at the moment I'm playing Diablo 3 and I also have Darkness 2 and the Walking Dead series lined up to play next.

I don't watch a bunch of tv.  But when I do it's mainly the Walking Dead, Being Human, Hell's Kitchen (a guilty pleasure lol) and the Simpsons.

For books I read a wide variety of fiction though have a particular liking to Stephen King and Kelley Armstrong.

I guess that's about all.  Please view my user info and interests for a greater idea of the things I like.  Most of my journal entries are friends only so you'll have to add me to see what my postings are truly like.  And should you decide that we don't have as much as common as you thought, feel free to delete me from your friends list.  No hard feeling and I'll do the same in return.

As for friends, I'm not picky.  Just please be over 18 and have some common interests.  I honestly don't care about culture, sexual orientation or religion... so long as you are mature in the matter.

Hi there!

I have come back to lj after a long hiatus due to role-playing and meeting the love of my life and well now hoping to friend journals with similar interests.

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If you have any of the things I listed in common feel free to add me, I would love some new journals to read!
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