June 16th, 2013

i am canadian

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Hi! I'm Ashleh, and I'm on the hunt for some new friends.

I'm 26, Canadian, currently living in Pakistan. My fiance is in the military, and I work for an embassy. My journal basically consists of my day to day life, struggles of living here, work, and travel planning. We go away about every 3 months so there's quite a bit of travel talk.

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I want to know you, better than I know myself.

I want to change your life. And you to change mine. It's already begun, insignificantly, nonetheless, that's why I'm writing these words. I had written this entry for about an hour before my phone died and I lost more words than I probably should have written. From this fact, I probably can explain to you who I am fairly well. I write. A lot. Because I write what I think. And I think a lot. My journal was created for some purpose I've long forgotten, however it's evolved over the course of the past 8 years into serving a plethora of purposes. Some are clear and upfront, some are reserved and subliminal. Some for you, some for me, but no matter whatever my journal may be for, it's here. Well, I'm here. Therefore, let me show you who I am...my name is Kevin Christopher Tullo, though I go by different names depending upon my settings and intentions. You may call me whatever you'd like though because I usually attatch a memory or visual to a person when I first meet them and remember that much better than a name. I can't hold you to standards I can't hold myself. Anyway, I am a 24 year old man residing in Washington DC half of my time while traveling the world the other. I have the hair colour of a robust russet potato, though I'm colourblind and most people generally call it dark ginger, and countless freckles. Small freckles, not the super big ones some of my other fellow gingers have. Towards the end of the summer my freckles will all congeal into one giant freckle and ill be tan. Well tan-ish peach.
Upon thinking about how to further depict the depths of my being, Im finding it leads me to my addictions. I am addicted to adventure. To seeing new places, meeting new people, experiencing new sensations. It supplies much of my motivation and reason towards the things I do. I am addicted to chaos. Havoc. I was at one point a person who didn't know how to feel or think, nor why. I then decided I needed to experience as much as I could to search for a definition of who I was. I would test my limitations physically, mentally, emotionally, metaphysically, inwhateverway-ally I could think of. Now, years later, I've experienced so much and felt so intensely that I am at the point where I feel like me. Like the best me I could be. So I want to share the experiences I've had with people who haven't. Make new ones we both experience together and grow new memories, new dreams. This feels like a good point to stop writing and start listing what I like....what I love, rather. Well, best yet, what defines me.
- my cats, King Albert Digweed III and Queen Kyausasha the Prettiest...both of whom are rapidly becoming famous throughout the world
- drugs, I love them...it's my profession as a pharmacy supervisor, and it's a dream of mine to one day make new drugs be it for medicine, recreation, or science.
- cheese, the majority of my diet probably haha I mean, name a food that couldn't use cheese? Also, my other profession as a cheesemonger.
- trance music, I am a trance addict, part of the trancefamily NYC and DC. Its much of the inspiration for my adventures. I feel all EDM, for the most part, and will travel anywhere in the world a favourite DJ of mine is playing. Hence, I try to experience different clubs and raves in new cities around the world as often as possible. Nevertheless, EDm is not the extent of my musical taste as I also thoroughly enjoy many genres from classic rock to hip-hop to bluegrass to reggae to large orchestras to shit well, you get the point.
- philosophy, the first step on my path towards discovering myself. I remember the very first time I realised I was me, extrovertedly and introvertedly. I studied philosophy and chemistry at Clemson Uniersity in South Carolina. I write a lot, as this journal has documented partially over the years. I think even more. I try to think about and come to understand as much as I can. Understanding is at the root of most of my addictions.
- dancing, I do it more than anything else most likely, so it's got to make the list?
- sports, competition is vital to who I am and want to be. It doesn't dictate who I am or what I do, but I've always been interested in all sports an its because of competition and pushing ones physical limitations. Being from Brooklyn, I'm the stereotypical Giants, Yankees, Knicks, Rangers...it's sad how sports has made me cry more times recently than anything else
- Women, I was raised by them. And only them. I have 9 sisters in all(some acquired), no brothers. I am the youngest, yet all are within 15 years. I can relate and understand women in my own way very easily because of this. It was torture at times, and yet I wouldn't rather have had it any other way.
- adventure, I have a lot of dreams, and my adventures congregate around making those dreams come true.
- jewels, precious stones, gems, I hoard them and marvel at them. I used to collect rocks, was a geology major, but it's all because of the jewels. I've just always loved the rare, natural beauty and value.
- tattoos, and most other forms of art...self-expression is essential

I could go on for a while but something is telling me I've gone beyond what's appropriate. Or maybe my attention is being stolen. Either way, what I'm doing here doesn't matter, what does matter is where do we want to go from here :) with that said...(for those who dot like for some reason i was unable to upload any pictures from the past year, so these all are 21-23 year old KC's and 2-3 year old Kyaus and Alberts

The prettiest.
The fat.
The love.
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