June 17th, 2013

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Hi. I'm Lori. I'm 28. I'm looking for new friends. I don't mind what you're into at all, seriously. I like meeting people from different walks of life.

Things that I like:

- kpop
- reading
- video games
- watching movies/TV
- college football (American football)
- anything horror

Things that I dislike:

- liars
- drama for no reason
- being broke (unfortunately, I am broke all the time lol)

I post mostly about my life, kpop, and video games. Come on, you know you wanna be friends, so go ahead and give into the urge to add me. ♥
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Lifelong Thing

Add me?

In my on-again, off-again relationship with Eljay, I just realized I missed our ten year anniversary.

I'm a married male, ever so much more than twenty (thirty-four, actually), living in Southern California. I'm an archaeologist by trade, but since I'm a consultant I don't talk about that much. I enjoy literature and contemplating religion and the supernatural, in addition to history, anthropology, and archaeology.

More than half of my entries are public (though less than that lately). Feel free to sample them.

I'm pretty promiscuous about whom I add, so if you're interested, add me and I'll most likely add you back. But please let me know you're adding me, so you don't get lost amidst the Russian bots. I don't mind if you add to see what's there and then decide it's not for you.

I regret I'm not the best commentator, though I try to respond if I have something worthwhile to say. Also, please don't be put off by my long list of friends -- I don't like to drop people who, like myself, might reemerge some day.