June 18th, 2013

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Looking for new friends

Hi all.

With LJ going quiet on me I've decided it time to make new friends with similar interests. I have made some close friends on here before and I'd love to make some more.

Also I've just got back into anime in a big way, not that I ever stopped loving I just had a brief stop over in the land of cop shows and sci-fi.

About me! I'm 25, turning 26 next month. I live in sunny old England. I have so many interests I always forget something when I'm listing things. I had a list of things I was aiming to achieve this year, so far it's not happening but that's ok.

I am a geek and proud, that's what most of my posts end up being about in some way. I also rant about rl, I've been having a rough time of it trying to find a job after uni so mostly I'm ranty about having no money. Apart from anime I love science (I have an MSc in Forensic specialising in genetics and microbiology) and will occasionally get bouncy on you about breakthroughs. Like all scientists I am addicted to coffee and cake, especially that I bake myself. Included in the geek thing is the fact that I table top roleplay occasionally, although I'm going to find it difficult to get back into, I think my GM currently hates for me for taking an extended break due to personal reasons. I also play magic the gathering. I adore games I have a PS3, PS2, X-box(the old one), a PC and a Nintendo 3DS. It's a wonder I have a social life. I also love gadgets, I love getting my hands on something new and figuring out how it works.

I am a creative person who can't draw, I used to think this limited me but I grew out of that kind of thinking. I colour instead lol. No seriously I do colour because I find it relaxing, my current project is too colour all pokemon as close to the official drawings as possible. I haven't even finished the first 150 yet! But I'm enjoying it. I also write and have a writing journal that I will link to whenever it gets updating, I would need to finish the next chapter of the first story to be posted there first. I take part in Nanowrimo but have never finished a story. Not sure about doing it this year, we will see. As well as fiction I write poetry, it doesn't fit into any 'normal' poetry structure but I'm ok with that. Because that wasn't creative enough I also knit although I am slow and my great nan would be ashamed of how long it takes me to finish anything. I am currently doing a purple scarf, collecting material for a patchwork throw and preparing to knit a chunky scarf. I like to keep busy. I've also decided to take a little step into jewellery making and my first kit is on it's way.

I love to read, both manga and novels but I have currently got sidetracked from my pile of books by work, anime and fanfiction. I know, it's terrible. I really should get back into it. I love all types of books really but I am currently reading a zombie horror book that is awesome. I also love marvel comics and all things marvel really

I have a dear love for terrible sci-fi films and b movies. I have never lost my love for disney films. I adore the marvel films and will check out most superhero films. I watch a lot of tv including Hawaii Five-0, Necessary Roughness, Teen Wolf, Hart of Dixie, Supernatural, Grey's Anatomy, Criminal Minds, Chicago Fire, Switched at Birth, Elementary, Sherlock, Doctor Who, Broadchurch, Endevour, Poirot, Miss Marple, I also love some old shows like Morse, Lewis, Touch of Frost, Midsomer Murders, Dads Army. I probably forgot a whole bunch but like I said a lot of TV.

I love music, it's my escape and I have friends who are musicians but I kinda don't see that much of them at the moment. We're all busy. I do not have any favourite music or artists or anything like that if I like it I like it end of.

Like I said earlier I've just got back into anime and am currently watching InuYasha and some of my all time favourites are Dragon Ball, Sailor Moon, Fruits Basket, Ouran High School Host Club, Junjou Romantica and Black Butler.

Wow this is a long entry. Whoops. Anyway if any of that interests you and you think we can be friends feel free to add. My journal is f-locked but I will add people back :D

Hello Again :)

I've recently started journaling again after being gone for several years. I write about my religion, being bipolar, my upcoming wedding, our possibly haunted house, my f***ed up family, basically whatever is on my mind. If you add me and don't want to read about those specific things I have filters for all of them.

I'm 28 and live in Wyoming, but I was raised in Northern California for my first 17 years. I'm looking to add friends that are around my age and are open minded. I'm terrible at these introduction posts so if you have any questions let me know.
Super Lovers

Hi All!

Looking for some friends so if you have any similar interests, feel free to add me.

I am a college student, 21
I watch a lot of TV (some of my favorites are True Blood, Game of Thrones, Vampire Diaries, and Rizzoli & Isles)
I don't watch as much movies as I used to, but i'm a big fan of action & comedy
I love to read manga and watch the occasional anime
I love WWE (yes i know it's scripted, i get sick of people always telling me "but it's fake!" like I dont already know -_-)
Favorite Major Sports in order (Hockey, Baseball, Basketball, Football)
I like to read novels but I haven't done it much lately so i probably wont post on them that often
Not really a music person but I can listen to just about any genre
I'm a coffee addict
I love video games, i just suck at them D:

My posts are mainly going to be about all of the above with a few random ones thrown in there too.