June 25th, 2013

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hello all you lovely people!


I've posted to this community twice now and I've made really lovely friendships so I thought I'd give it a third go and hopefully meet even more lovely people! Here's a link to my previous post in the community that has a bit more information about me (albeit a little dated) for your reference.
I'll make this post brief and keep it to the main things you need to know about me and my journal!

This is a photo of me. Granted, the photo is from a while ago (I know, I know, what kind of photographer doesn't have an updated photo of themselves?!), I still look pretty much exactly the same, except my hair is red now and I don't wear as many flannel/checkered shirts as I did then haha.

→ I'm 24 going on 25 in August. I was born and raised (and currently live) in Toronto, the land of terrible mayoral mishaps, the 2010 G20 riots, and the MMVAs. I attend university for photography, so my journal is a weird combination of sketchbook/idea mind-map/soapbox/photo gallery. I try to post photos at least once a week. Lately I photograph mainly local bands' live shows and do glamour/beauty shoots on a whim when I can find a team of people to work with, and I am beginning to document my grandfather's last years with us (although I haven't started yet, and likely won't be posting heavy/upsetting content without a warning/behind a cut). As you can see, my interests in photography are kind of all over the place right now based on the opportunities I have, but I promise I don't suck haha.

→ I also write about my family a lot, and my own transition from being in a long-term relationship to becoming single and learning to navigate the world on my own. I've been in a committed relationship since I was 17 and I now find myself completely lost and clueless as to what to do and how to handle it at 25. Sometimes I get upset, sometimes I get frustrated, but I like to think that for the most part I'm managing pretty well. I also post pictures of my dog often. What's LJ if it's not littered with cute photos here and there?

→ I'm also currently unemployed, and I've had my fair share of ridiculous interviews/job prospects. I'm not entirely upset with the idea that I'm unemployed, but I'm a little frustrated at the financial situation that comes with being unemployed. So there's some ranting of that nature as well.

→ I'm really friendly, I am (mostly) a good LJ friend and faithful follower. I say mostly because for the past few months things have not been so good in my life and I haven't had the desire to update frequently or even keep up with others' lives, but I'm back on track and looking forward to making new friends!

If you'd like to add me, or have any questions, please comment and let me know! I won't bite!

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Hello to everyone who reads this!

I'm Theresa, 27 years old, and married to a wonderful man-beast.
I am currently a Care-taker for my grandparents and a Home-Maker which all goes together since we all share a house. Yeah... So not fun.
My life really isn't as boring as it sounded right there. It's pretty funny actually.
I live over here in San Francisco, California. Nothing too interesting to write about on that subject today.

I am absolutely horrible at writing about myself and why you should add me. My profile is my best hope to see if you'd like to read my rambles.
I'm pretty laid back and I am obsessed with all of Jhonen Vasquez' work.
I also like rainbows..unicorns... I'm joking. Well, I do love rainbows...

Anyways, why don't you check out my profile and see if we can be friends?

See you around!