June 30th, 2013

Taste My Tears

Welcome, friends! :D

Hi! I recently started a new journal after not using my old one for over a year. Recently I've been itching to journal again, and I figured it was a good time for a fresh new start, and that means I currently have zero friends on here, and I'd like to change that!

I'm a 27 year old Canadian female (turning 28 in October!). Single, no kids, but I do have a cat! I'm pretty much a very withdrawn person in real life, so this journal is one of the ways I can express myself. Haven't made many entires yet, but if it's anything like the last journal I had, I'll be posting a lot about my favorite TV shows, movies, games, and not going to lie, possibly a lot of venting, so please be aware if that kind of thing bothers you. (I struggle from depression and anxiety to name a few things, and writing helps with it sometimes. If it's a huge rant I'll likely use a cut so you don't have to see if if you don't want to). I also post pictures a lot, but again, I use a cut if its more than 1 or 2 little pics. :)

My main hobby is drawing so I may post some of my work now and then, although I have a tumblr which i mostly use for that so it shouldn't be too crazy. I'm also trying to get myself back into fitness/weight loss, so if you wanna help motivate each other, all the better!

New Friends

I recently did a friend cut of people who had either abandoned their journal or who I felt I just hadn't made a connection with. So I'm here to find some new LJ friends with whom I click with.

I'm known on LJ as Elsie.
I live in the UK.
I'm 21 years old. (22 next month)
I've been married to my husband for around 8 months. He is 45. (46 next month)
We're expecting our first baby in October.
Currently, my life is rather uneventful except for pregnancy.
I'm very much a homebody.
I like to knit, play games, watch T.V, cuddle, make lists and do other things that don't involve going out.

I write in my journal about my pregnancy, how I'm feeling in general, things that have happened that I want to remember... That kind of stuff.
I read everyone's posts and I'm trying to get better at commenting more frequently.
I'm looking for LJers who post at least once a week and I have something(s) in common with.

So, if I don't sound too dull ;) Please post a comment here and I'll send you a friend request back :D (Is that how it works? Is that an okay method of adding? I don't know what general friend adding etiquette is!)
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