July 1st, 2013

Life Ranting & Poetry

Okay, so I'm gonna try this again, as last time I merely posted a blog entry and did not take any time to introduce myself. (fail.)


HellO! I used to blog on here as a personal journal, but now I want other peoples to share in my mediocre life and overly huge dreams.
Things about me?
1) I'm sick with a chronic illness and have superfluous time on my hands. I'm going to get better before years end.
2) I'm going to start traveling the world before years end and hope to start in Australia.
3) I have little money to a.get better or b.travel, but I shant be stopped!

and 4thly) I like writing poems and will post them frequently (such is my large-a** goal) because I think I am rather good at writing them and would like you to find joyen them too.

here's one i named 5 b/c 123&4 were before it.
if you want to be my friend, i probably want to be yours. OKGO!

Blaspheme! The page is white and right as rain
To take away the sailor’s health and wealthy lions cubs
Burn, run! And stay to tell the daisy’s fair game play
Whilst Judas was away there came an ox.
Two to play at that game until there loses pace
Portray the loss and she’ll understand the grief
Hidden underneath does the ground ill good to find unfound
Lifelong treasures left bloodless for the hounds.
Life, I dare say! Life lies underneath and to but peak
Would be a sunrise too bursting for the stars
Galaxies enlarged to hold the core
But you plucked it like a cork and now
Now We lonely mourn only yours what would be ours.
Locked out, locked out. Crying
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