July 6th, 2013


Looking for fellow doggy lovers

Hey everyone,

I'm a 24 (almost 25) y/o girl who lives in England.
I'm looking for some fellow animal/dog loving people :)

I will mainly use this lj to post pics of the dogs from the shelter where i volunteer. I just want to share their lovelyness and am looking to follow people who post a lot of animals pics too! :)

red haired vixen


→ the name is kelly. i am 26 years old. born on november 27, 1986.
→ i live in saint peters, missouri. it's about 30 minutes west of saint louis. and yes i am a diehard stl blues/cardinals fan!
→ brown hair, green eyes, glasses/contacts. overnight supervisor at cvs pharmacy.
→ recently single.
→ i live with my mom and my 22 year old sister as well as our 5 cats and 3 dogs. yeah, it's pretty much a chaotic zoo in this house every day.
→ 14 tattoos and 13 piercings - i used to have a LOT more piercings but took most out.
→ i am a walking medical disaster - severe asthma, fibromyalgia, anxiety/bipolar/adhd, immune system problems.
→ i'm crazy, spontaneous, loud, impulsive, and normally always smiling and laughing but i also have a quiet, withdrawn, loner side to me as well. i can only handle being around the general public for so long, lol. i enjoy and cherish my "me" time!

→ tv: the walking dead, wilfred, dexter, grimm, elementary, sherlock, the big bang theory, alphas, face off, hell's kitchen, america's got talent, the voice, teen mom, chopped, master chef, breaking bad, grey's anatomy, futurama, south park.
→ movies: mainly comedy, thriller, or horror films. favorites include (but aren't limited to) source code, fight club, inception, ferris bueller's day off, batman (all of them), the avengers, iron man, harry potter, lord of the rings, donnie darko, fear and loathing in las vegas, any disney/pixar film, and the occasional rom-com.
→ music: pop, indie, top 40, rap, trance, dubstep, and techno are my main genres but i'm honestly not that picky. i adore music in all of it's forms.
→ books: harry potter, lord of the rings, the great gatsby, the complete works of shakespeare, sherlock holmes, lord of the flies, the perks of being a wallflower, anything by chuck palahniuk.
→ addicted to: soda, music, facebook/instagram/twitter, texting, kitties, makeup, anything pink, anything zebra striped, socks, lip gloss.
→ smoker of cigarettes (trying to quit or at least cut back). former stoner. i like alcohol.
→ other interests: superheroes, video games (mainly league of legends), cars, motorcycles, making out, dancing, karaoke, cutting/dying my hair, thunderstorms, rain, traveling/flying, driving with the windows down and music blaring, coloring, beer, candy.

→ butterflies. yes i am serious.
→ bare feet. i ALWAYS wear socks.
→ june bugs - actually any bug in general.
→ slow drivers.
→ racists, homophobes, hypocrites, arrogant behavior, cheaters, furries (they just creep me out).

→ i cuss. like, a lot. "fuck" is my favorite word.
→ lately i find myself not trusting anyone, not even myself.
→ i am a free spirit.
→ i talk about a lot of adult content in my journal so please be 18+.
→ i am not easily offended and i have a very open mind. i have and enjoy having friends with unique backgrounds and ideas. i would also like friends that i can connect with outside of lj as well!
→ i like to talk even though i am socially awkward and i update my journal regularly.
→ i consider myself a liberal democrat, but i HATE discussing politics and normally do not partake in political discussions. i also do not have a religious affiliation and consider myself agnostic.
→ was previously dodge but moved here.

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