July 12th, 2013

add me!

Hi everyone, my name is Ayana and I'm from The Netherlands. I've been on LJ before, some years ago but I started to miss it so I came back with a new journal and I'm looking for some new friends to add to my reading list. Here's some info about me:

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My journal will mainly consist of picture posts (of my dog, my bf or my art), sometimes I'm in the mood for haikus or when I'm not in the mood I like to rant and rave, it really depends on how my day went!

Feel free to add me if you like, and I'll return the favor!
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Looking to meet people

I've posted here before and met a lot of lovely people, would like to meet more ^.^ Here goes!

Me? Sithy, 24, female
Where? I live in the Netherlands, in a tiny village almost in the most northern part of NL
More? I'm a huge geek/nerd with a passion for languages, I speak Dutch (duh!), English, German and French and I also know Latin, ancient Greek and Hieroglyphs -- did I mention I'm nerdy? I'm working on learning Russian.
I am also a Linux using archaeologist that currently works at a big fruity company that makes smartphones, tablets and computers. Something went very wrong or very right in my life depending on how you look at it. Before you ask, no, I don't really care for Android/Apple debates! I'll discuss what I do, but I'm not out to hound anyone...use what you like :D I like animals, coffee and nailpolish. More details below!

But first!

This pretty much sums me up. Star Wars. Random dance! Weee!

~~My LJ~~
I try and comment whenever I have something useful to say :) My LJ is about all sorts of stuff: fandom, our house hunt, life, customers, our dog and everything and anything in between. I generally try and keep a positive attitude but I totally don't mind lending a listening ear. I keep an open mind and like to meet people from all walks of life -- you don't judge, I don't judge :D I'm not religious but I totally don't mind if you are!

Star Wars and Harry Potter are top of the list. I'm mostly a fan of the 'old' Star Wars movies and the expanded universe and have an unhealthy obsession a love for all things Empire.

I love to read. I've ran out of room for all my books, heh. I also like fanfiction, I used to write but nowadays I mostly read because work is killing creativity. I enjoy travelling and learning languages. I'm always interested in learning about other cultures, the archaeologist in me is not entirely dead yet. I can get excited over finding a new shade of purple nailpolish. I promise I'm not shallow, I just like nailpolish and the colour purple.

Nerdy, dogs, punk music, costuming, caaaaake, baking, Bento, dresses, art, purple, alternative dress

Looking forward to hear from ya :) An unrelated Snape gif to end with!

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