July 21st, 2013

Plz don't remove my head!

New member here but I've been on and off LJ since August, 2004...

Hiya. My name is Marianne (Mari for short, if you prefer). I'm from Maryland, USA and I'm a friendly, positive, and at times a silly ISFJ.

I have my own bookstore, but I never read all the books in there. I read only certain authors, genres, and subjects I'm interested in! This also includes comics and manga. I ALWAYS have so much to read. It's insane! I think all I've been re-reading lately is the Death Note manga. I got two novels I'd really like to start reading but it's probably going to take me a while to get to them. I love most novels based on my favorite video games and sci-fi fantasy mostly. I also like the Dexter books a lot (more than the TV show lately, for more than one reason), and a bit of general stuff that's very funny.

I'm multi-talented. At times, that is a struggle for me to juggle all these things I happen to be good at; drawing/sketching (both on PC and on paper), writing, making nature slide show collages (new talent I discovered), and making music (keyboarding and on the PC).

My two most beloved passions are music and writing. Creative writing wise I've only done a little of, but when it comes to music, I always have CDs or music on this old phone with me.

I'm not exactly eager to look for new LJ buddies. I'm just posting here in case any of you might like to friend me. If you do, I'll be sure to friend you back! I'm a friendly and positive person, and humorous when I want to be.

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