July 23rd, 2013


Looking for a few new good friends

Hi everyone! I've been on lj for many years now. I've had a lot of friends leave lj and I've cleaned up my lj. Now I'm looking for some new friends with similar interests with me.

On my Lj I talk a lot about my daily life. I'm from Canada and now live in Tokyo. I'm in a relationship with a Japanese guy. Also I'm into weight training and trying to diet and lose weight. I also like to dance, read and watch tv. I do get to travel a bit here and there.

If anyone out there is trying to diet and needs support I'd be happy to be friends! :)

The picture is of me when I went to Thailand.


Hello add_me :3

How about adding me? :)

About me:

I'm 22, a university grad and licensed ESL instructor. After a long, exhausting job search, I'm preparing to move to China for work.

I'm a Pisces, sufferer of social anxiety and bouts of moderate depression.

I live in a very small place in Canada and can't wait to get out of here and see the world!

I shamelessly love TV. Catfish, Big Bang Theory and Downton Abbey are some of my top picks.

Musically, I enjoy Ed Sheeran, Regina Spektor, and Tegan and Sara, to name a few.

I'm a writer in the biggest creative rut of my life thus far. I love books but don't read as much as I should. I believe in ghosts. I'm an agnostic who hates organized religion. I'm bisexual. I would classify myself as liberal though I care very little for politics. I love animals and world travel is a passion of mine. I've been to Europe four times, throughout the US and of course Canada, and hope to continue traversing the rest of the world.

Potential Friends:

I don't mind if we don't share the same beliefs - in fact, I greatly enjoy viewing the world through different lenses. I only ask that you comment before adding me so I know who you are and where you found me. I'm an active commenter and poster, and I ask the same of potential friends. If that's not you're style, that's perfectly fine, but we probably won't make a good match. I also don't want to add journals that are only receptacles for twitter updates, fandoms, nor those that are not in English.

I hope we can be friends and please do add me if you believe we'd make a good match! :)


37, female, oddball.

Mentally ill, but under control with medication and a rockin' awesome counselour. I do write about that, because that's the one thing I've been working the hardest at in my life and finally feel like I'm getting somewhere.

Furmom to a 2 year old Dachshund named Emily and a 1 year old Maine Coon named Patrick.


From Idaho, residing in Ohio. Bounced around a lot over the years, and hope to move back to Missouri one day. I loved it down there. . . .

My hobbies are playing with Emily and Patrick, taking Emily for long walks, blogging, reading, music, crochet (been working on an afghan since just after my birthday ha ha), experimenting with cooking

I love to laugh

I believe in being blunt and straightforward, I don't like people having to question where they stand with me.

Only looking for friends over 18, who write actual blogs (sorry, not interested in having my feed flooded with fandom stuff), people who have a decent command of the English language and proper grammar and spelling, and people who don't TyPe LiKe ThIs.

I listen to all sorts of music except bluegrass.

Must be a fairly active member of LJ.

I'm easy to get along with. Just introduce yourself and how you found me if you choose to add me, and I'll happily add you back. I won't be offended if you add me and then decide down the road a bit that you don't really think we're a good match-up. :) No big deal. :) It happens.

Been through a lot in my few 37 years, but I've learned to rebuild. Had to learn how to completely rebuild in 2011, and still working through that mess. I'm working on forgiving the person involved with that, but it's going to take some time.

I do sometimes post photos, but promise to put them and long posts behind a cut so you're not faced with the never-ending-posts-from-hell. I do swear on my blog, but try to keep the swears to a scant minimum when commenting.
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