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Hi guys, I'm Zia, and this is me being grumpy:


I'm using a bad picture because I want to meet people who are willing to deal with me at my worst and not only when I'm happy go lucky. Did I scare you off yet? No? Okay then! As I said, I'm Zia! Originally from Puerto Rico, I moved to Japan for college some years ago and have been here ever since. I write about my daily life and thoughts on people I encounter. I also write about my love life. Though I am in a committed relationship with a Japanese guy, I find myself in a lot of awkward situations with many of my male friends. I swear my life is a shojo-drama waiting to be filmed!

I'm a travel, alcohol, and music whore. I'll never turn down a drink, never hesitate to get up and move to the beat and if you invite me to a foreign country, I'm on the next plane out. Sugar coating isn't my thing. I can be nice, but more often than not, I'm realistic and say things as they are.

Some people might tell you I'm a bit crazy. I am. I enjoy doing things without reason.

But above all, I enjoy being a good friend. I enjoy listening when you're down, making wishes come true. I enjoy meeting for a glass of wine and talking the day away. I'm a firm believer in the idea that how you treat your friends says more about who you are than what you say you are.

Anyway, my journal is public so feel free to have a peek while deciding if we'd be compatible =) 
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Hello :) Add me?

Hello :)

It's been a long time since I posted here. I am so bad at doing this, but here it goes anyway!

My name is Kat and I am 30 years old, living in Canada.

I am currently unemployed living with my mother, husband and kitties. ( I was semi recently laid off, and had to move across the country in order to stay afloat!)

Some things I love:
- video games, xbox, pc, wow
- tv: big bang theory, criminal minds, bones
- movies: Love scary movies the most!, but I love many other styles and types of movies as well.
- Music: I love many different genres of music, sometimes it depends on my mood what I am listening to.
- crafty things: currently working on a scrapbook to help remember who great of a person my father was.
- History and museums: My career choice. I am a sponge for information and though currently I volunteer for a museum in my home town, I am on the market to find a new job.

Some things you will read in my journal:
- daily musings
- stresses about finding a job in this day and age
- photographs about family, friends, life
- occasional video
- occasional meme

If I sound like someone you may be interested to get to know, feel free to add me :)

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Hello beautiful people

I've posted before and gotten some really nice friends, so here I am again.
I'm a 26 year old from Mexico city currently working as a medical consent forms translator (yeah, that's all I ever get to translate, it's boring). I studied languages in college and I'm fluent in both English and French, Spanish is my mother tongue, so you'll see it on my LJ on occasions, I understand a bit of Japanese too, but not enough sometimes.
I am currently in the process of applying for a visa because my intention is to leave for London in September to study a Master's degree in Literature and audiovisual translation.
What can you find on my LJ?
I mostly write about my day, so sometimes you hear about my piano lessons, or about my dubbing classes, about aikido (when I muster up the energy to go) or about my weekends or the movies I watch. Sometimes I rant about the boy I go out with, our relationship is complicated so I try to keep those rantings to a minimum. And the rest of the posts are about the books I read.
I LOVE to read, I can't leave my house without a book in my bag and I'm always reading 2 or 3 books at the same time. I love to get recommendations and I always give them as well. If you like reading, we'll get along just fine. :D
I don't watch much telly, mostly because I don't have the time and because I can't get interested in anything lately, so if you're too much into fandoms, that's ok, but I'll probably won't be able to comment much on that, so you'll have to excuse me. XD
So, if you think we'd get along, add me :D, you can actually go and look at my LJ, it's mostly public, that way you'll know more about who I am, how crazy I am and If you'd like to read my entries.
I try to comment often, I expect the same courtesy but it's ok if you don't, sometimes, there's just not enough time.
I think that's it.
Have any questions? I'll answer them. :D
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A crazy here for you again.

Joining the bandwagon again.

Ketrino is the name I typically go by. In the realm of normal I am a 24 yr old genderless aromantic-asexual-who-sometimes-feels-pan-romantic weirdo who has a degree in anthropology (focus on archaeology). I live in Texas with two cats and my love for life, my fish. I do a variety of bs jobs while somehow hoping to find a job related to my degree. One day I'd like to get my master's in anthro...that would be boss.

Fandoms are Pokemon, Transformers, Yu-Gi-Oh! and anything else that used to be on Kids WB, anything Marvel, shapeshifters, cartoons of any kind, and extremely obscure stuff.

I'm a heathen, focusing on Jormungandr and Loki, and somewhere far back in my mind Lord Ganesh. I'm a LaVeyan Satanist on top of it.

Moving closer to weird stuff, I'm a furry. I have a fursuit. I talk about furry fandom. If that bugs you, save yourself and stay away.

On the even weirder side of stuff, I'm otherkin, a soulbonder, 'psychic' to some extent, empathic. IOW, into the occult, paranormal, etc. Most of this stuff is under a filter, so if you don't want to see that stuff, you don't have to.

Most entries are friends only. I typically post everyday, sometimes more than that if I have too much free time. I ramble about my life and all the happenings within, interesting junk I find on the net, and on occasion review the obscure and awesome stuff I run across in my fandoms (namely Marvel comics and werewolves). I also swear a lot in my entries.

I tend to read my friends entries, although I don't always have anything decent to say about your entries. But they will get read.

I'm up for it if you are.