July 26th, 2013

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Hi everyone! My name is Camille, I am a college student, and I'm looking to add some new and interesting people to my lj feed. I'm pretty friendly and open-minded. I don't write everyday but I try to comment on the regular. For the most part I write about my day and other aspects of my life. :)

A little about me:
* Asian/hispanic
* Born and raised in California.
* Casual toker
* I love videogames. I'm a PC Gamer, but I also play PS3.
* I'm an art student and am pursuing my Fine Arts degree. I've been drawing since I was a wee and I'll occasionally post pictures of my work, but I won't spam I promise!
* I am happily taken ❤ have been living with my boy for about a year now.
* I have a few tattoos and plan on getting more. MOER! I also secretly want to be a tattoo artist.
* I'm a big animal lover, and I have two cats (Big Brown and Mitzi) and a dumbo rat (Jables).
* I don't watch much television, but I do have a few guilty pleasures... Kitchen Nightmares, and recently I started watching that new netflix series 'Orange is the New Black' I am HOOKED.
* Musically, I'm pretty open. I like a variety of genres from 90s hiphop to indie rock. I also love the oldies and rock classics. My favorite all time singer is Freddie Mercury from Queen.
* politically I lean to the left, but I don't mind other points of views.

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Let's be friends.

Howdy there, add_me! My name is Valérie, I am 28 years old and I live in South West Canada. I am not so new to the website. I have had too many accounts since the year 2005. Some of you might recognize me and that is okay.

I have been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder at 21 years old. You are free to add me as a friend if you do not mind fandom entries about Jared Padalecki or Supernatural with a little mix of real life ramblings. I am Catholic but I respect all beliefs.

I am also an Ackleholic, a Gleek, a Hardcore Ringer, a Minion and a Potterhead. I am very curious to know about all of you. Despite the fact I am a straight woman, I am a supporter of LGBT rights until the end. I do not bite (very much). I promise.
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