July 29th, 2013

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As my lj friends can attest, I have neglected posting and commenting regularly on here. So I'm trying to motivate myself again. I started this journal back in 2003 and I'm way too nostalgic to delete it. I've seen people do that, and that notion honestly baffles me.

I'm 34 (cringes for reaction)
Uncle/Godfather to my awesome niece


Target shoot
Video games(occasionally)
Read (currently reading Game of Thrones)

TV: Breaking Bad, Dexter, Game of Thrones, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Louie, Children's Hospital, Archer

Music: Explosions in the Sky, Moving Mountains, The Appleseed Cast, The American Dollar, Stars, Chvrches, This Will Destroy You, The Album Leaf, Sigur Ros, Tegan and Sara, M83, The Naked and Famous, Of Monsters and Men, Arcade Fire and so on and so forth...

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I'd like to find people that can relate to me and who I can relate to(ideally). Hope to hear back.

pam pam pam! hunt for you!

      I am Xenia and I am quite new at the English-speaking blogosphere.
        I created account because I simply love English language with all my heart.
        This language is like the end of really good movie - short, accurate and leaves a space for your own thinking. ^-^

        I always feel an incredible need to share my thoughts with someone, even in the way this ''someone'' was simply me :). May be it happens because I used to spend a lot of time in my room by my own when I was a child. Doesn't matter, but when I think of that time I strongly believe that it was the best gift from my parents - to let me be alone and let me stand as close to my depths as I can.

        As for writing I prefer to do some acts of internal freedom and let my head send some thoughts to the paper. Some people think my posts are quite provoking, but actually I don’t agree with them. I just write the truth how I feel it and trying to kill the sheep in me, yep.

        As for me – I am into religion and atheism matters, man and woman relationships, traveling and languages. I am done with international law studies and keep a wonderful hope I will never have something in common with law again.

        In my life I did acting, cooking and writing.
        Writing is the most powerful thing, I believe.
        Besides food, of course!
        PS Feel free to add me or just write a little introductory post here and we manage it somehow. Actually  I am pretty funny, kindhearted and have some cookies. ^-^

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Uh, hi!

I've been nosing around this place for a while now and thought I'd give it a go. So, hi, I'm Marie and I'm 34 years old, long time blogger on LJ although the big flight in the past years has affected me as well and I got lazy with posting and was guilty of wandering off to the f-place as well. But I quit a few days ago and I'm back here where I feel a hell of a lot more like home but unfortunately my f-list has dwindled. And that's why I'm here now (duh).

I have a whole big list of interests which you can easily check out in its entirety on my profile but here's a summary. I write. A lot. I write novels, mostly, but also short stories and the occasional poem and I'm an old RPer. I watch quite a few series, from Buffy over Angel to Game of Thrones, Grey's Anatomy, Castle, Criminal Minds, Bones, Being Human, Vampire Diaries and, and, and. I think Peter Jackson is a genius, and if I had the time and the money I would fly out to New Zealand right away and tell him so. Joss Whedon is one of my favourite persons along with David Levithan, who is an amazing writer that you should check out if you haven't heard of yet. Gayle Formans's Where she went never fails to make me cry, and if anyone should dare to do harm to my Anne Rice, Jim Butcher, Robin Hobb or Poppy Brite books they should be prepared to get their ass kicked quite seriously. My library takes up more space in my room than anything else. I never miss a gig by Snow Patrol when they're around and I love Finnish music as well as the insanely complicated language to bits. Ontop of that I garden a lot, I grow my own stuff and dare say I’m a good cook. I love sewing and patchworking and crocheting and knitting. If it's anything creative I will do it and I'll probably be fairly good at it because this is who I am. I have a dog named after Jasper Hale and he does sparkle in the sunshine when I put on his glittery collar (which I rarely do because he's usually quite muddy from being allowed to be a dog and no plush toy ersatz). I use lol far too often and my laptop has a name.

If you're willing to read about my life and my sometime fangirling and my writing and probably a lot about my garden, then please feel free to add me. If you plan on just lurking around and never commenting, then please don't add me because there is nothing more frustrating than spending time with an entry just to feel like you're talking to empty air.