August 8th, 2013



I'm Sinead.... said like Shin-aid - damn Irish have a crazy way of spelling things ;)
I'm 22 and just moved to New Jersey from the UK, was a BIG move and still adjusting and trying to find some friends!

I'm a girlie girl I love makeup, looking pretty and having fun.
I'm obsessed with life in pictures 99% of my posts will have pictures.
My life is pretty fun, I post about what's going out, rants, advice and silly things I get my self into (which seems to be all the time!)

I've started LJ'ing again, I need to keep up to date this rollercoaster ride I'm on at the moment.

Care to join in?
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Hello everyone! My name is Joey :D I speak 4 main languages (not including dialects); English, Mandarin, Japanese and Malay.

I have a lot of interests but my main ones include drawing (future mangaka (; hahaha well I can dream CX), singing, dancing (I take hip-hop classes), music (electric guitar, drums and piano!), anime and k-pop! I'm a Shawol ♥ I can skateboard :) I'm currently hoarding a group of crazies at school so we can conquer all the students and teachers together, but shhh. You didn't hear it from me. ;)

I'm a total maker, but I'm still human and I do occasionally have my opinion on something and occasionally my opinion clashes with the 'norm' opinion, which is where this journal comes in handy. Of course, I'm a daily updater (or at least, I try) but rest assured because my posts are light and easy to digest (not usually meaning that it's short posts..I'm quite an essay-writer ><;). I have quite a sense of humor (which may or may not make sense 90% of the time) but rest assured; I could have all the humor in the world except for slapstick humor :P

I'm very open to friends, so don't be shy! :) I'll add you back if you add me, but I'll LOVE to hear your questions or just a simple greeting before you add me :D ♥ COME AND LET'S BE FRIENDS!!