August 13th, 2013

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Friend Or Foe

NAME: Meigz
AGE: 20's
INTERESTS & HOBBIES: Reading, writing, listening to musik(industrial/metal/gothy), exercising, walking, watching Netflix, journaling, traveling, horror movies, dying my hair, and baking.
LOOKING FOR: I'm looking for friends that write and don't abandon their journals and come back months later. I've been with my journal since 2001. You don't have to comment on every post but some is cool. I would like people that are down to earth and fun.
ANYTHING ELSE?: I don't do drugs, or smoke (quit smoking March 1st 2010), I have two cats; Alice aka Kitty Von Evil & Emily Rose, a boyfriend I'm engaged to that I met from Myspace in 2006, I'm the youngest of 7 (6 girls/1 boy), I don't eat meat, love the Zodiac, and I work at a hardware store.

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Hello there!

My name is Tiraen, and I'm looking for some friends. I'd also be very, very pleased if I could find someone to talk to over IM, as well.

In the interests of brevity, I'll make a bulleted list rather than a paragraph:

  • 22 years old.

  • EST (Michigan)

  • Asexua//Gray-Panromantic

  • FtM Genderqueer

  • Anxiety & Depression

  • Social Work Major (undergrad)

  • Future therapist.

  • Writer (I talk about writing a lot. You can look at some of my stuff at tiraenfic, if you're interested. (18+ only))

  • Potterhead

  • Intersectional Feminism/Social Justice stuff, sometimes.

  • Bibliophile (I may link to book reviews in the future)

  • Vegetarian, but I don't care if you are or not. I'm not the kind of person to push my diet choices in other people's face, and I would appreciate the same courtesy.

  • Sometimes I bitch about my family and home life.

  • I'm into BDSM, so that may come up.

  • My journal is 18+ only.

I hope to meet some awesome people!​
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Super Lovers

Its Me Again :)

I think this is like my 3rd? time posting on here. I generally dont get that many friends from posting on here which is weird since I basically like everything. Well anyway to the point. I'm 22 and currently a student at Rutgers University. I'm fairly nice but there are times I get rather bitchy. I like a lot of things but I mainly like:

WWE (obsessed almost)
ANIME (on and off)
NOVEL (not much lately)
VIDEO GAMES (though I'm not very good :D)

These are the main things I will talk about on my journal. I mean with me anything goes though since I'm not the type to really dislike anything.  And I tend to talk about my social life when I actually have one. I mean I've been pretty chill this summer and haven't done much so I havent really talked about my personal life lately. But when I do, I'll talk about school, things i do, things i cant stand, and sometimes I'll rant or tell a story that happened, that just absolutely pissed me off to no end. 
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marty: peekaboo

Hello from the UK. :)


I first posted here some months ago and met some wonderful people. Since then I've been lurking and occasionally commenting, but I've finally decided to give posting another go. Although the majority of my journal is public, I am a little bit fussy about who I add because I like to get to know my flist and comment regularly on their entries; I don't add people willy-nilly, I prefer to have something in common.

About me:
- I am 26-years-old and live in the South of England (originally from Cambridgeshire, East Anglia) with my boyfriend, who I met via LJ, and my pets: two mice and a frog! My boyfriend also owns two horses.
- I adore history (specifically medieval and earlier - Celts, Vikings, Picts, Anglo-Saxons, Romano-British etc.) and love to visit ancient buildings, monuments and pathways. I also collect old books.
- I am a major horse freak. If you don't like horses, my journal may not be for you! I have been riding for 20 years and working with Shire Horses for 10 years. I've had my own pony for 15 years after rescuing her from slaughter, although she's still living in Cambridgeshire with my parents at the moment. :(
- I don't watch much TV and I don't do fandom, but I do have a soft spot for Doctor Who and Sherlock.
- I love reading and writing. I'm an aspiring novelist, and have three works-in-progress at the moment; all in the fantasy genre.
- I'm a metalhead, but not the narrow-minded, hate-filled, bigoted sort. :P I have a fairly eclectic taste in music. My LastFM account is here.
- I like to do photo posts on a regular basis, but when posting more than one image I will always stick them beneath a cut! I try to avoid photo dumps, too.

Who I'm looking for:
- people whose journals are generally upbeat. We all have bad days - myself included - but if you only post about how much your life sucks, then I'm afraid I will run out of things to say to you very quickly.
- people who write plainly; not those who litter all their entries with funky text, colours or gifs. That makes me sound like a grouch ... I just find it distracting. :P
- people who share photos. I'm eternally curious and love to see the world through other's eyes.

Please comment here before adding me, as I will not return random adds. Tell me a bit about yourself!
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