August 19th, 2013

Hey :)

Hey everybody :)

I'm Jenna. I'm 20 and I'm from OZ :)
I would love to meet new people to talk about different things an exchange views on life.
I've only set this up today so still getting useta it so drop me a line if anybody's up for a chat :)
Way Way Back

And Then There Were None

Seeing as how my office has blocked the site that used to provide me with much entertainment (tumblr), it is time to revive this journal and my friend’s list to fill the void. I usually just come on here to read ONTD entries. I’m 32 years old – half the time I act like I’m 16, the other half like I’m 60.

Things I usually wax poetic on:

  • my kid (he’s 8 months old already!)

  • my crazy ass mom – seriously, I have stories upon stories. (ex: she has a dead bird in her freezer)

  • how I want to be a better person

  • things that aggravate me

  • general life goals and day-to-day stuff

  • how sometimes I prefer internet friends to real-life ones

  • I will also probably post pictures of pretty and interesting things I see

Things that make me happy:

  • Bill Hader

  • gluten-free baked goods that don’t taste like sawdust

  • discovering new music and obsessively listening to one track over and over and over

  • Pegg & Frost movies

  • having fifteen minutes to myself to sit on the porch and watch the birdies

  • swimming in my neighborhood lake

  • Adventure Time (my phone case is BMO!)

  • nachos with lots of guacamole

  • when my boss goes on vacation and I sneak off to the movies on my way extended lunch break

  • rewatching The O.C., Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Firefly, and Felicity

  • John Stewart

So I guess I’ll see how this please for distractions goes. Perhaps it’s not the right forum/site? Don’t make me hit up Cragislist. :/

Photo of me and my kid under the cut...

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It's that time again

I post here periodically and I've gotten some good friends and some really bizarre ones.  So here I go again:

I'm Kristy. Thirty Five, Mother of two, Married, freelance writer and occasional psychic phone line operator.  So yes I work from home and look after my two year old while helping out my Mother with her house work.  We moved in with my parents right after New Year's mostly to help with my elderly Father because tending to him from across the street just wasn't cutting it.  My father passed away in March and we've stayed on to help Mother.  We are also pretty broke after everything and need time to save money back up before we can move.  My delinquent nephew is staying with us for probably forever.  He was supposed to be here for two weeks almost 2 months ago--if not more.

My oldest, who is fourteen, has Asperger's Syndrome and I talk about it occasionally.

I'm into all manner of hobbies and interests so you'd be better off looking at them directly on my profile.  However if you want just a sample here you go:  Gaming, Knitting, Kemeticism, Ancient History, Firefly (the TV series), sarcasm, drunken philosophical debates, video making, Sewing, Parenting Chitchat, paranormal investigations, writing, etc.

What I'm talking about right now on my journal? An unfortunate early bout of sickness that hit our household.  My sewing machine mystery(not mystery machine...sewing machine).  Therianthropy and other such things.  Fitness and feeling like the worst Mom ever!

That's the summary.  I don't mind anyone's views or beliefs.  So feel free to add me if we have nothing in common.  You don't have to be a carbon copy of me for us to have a good time.

Forgot to add...For those that need a visual:
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(this will be cross posted, so I apologize if you see it multiple times.)
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