August 23rd, 2013

Back in action.


My name is Krystle. I'm 23 years old and I'm from Florida. I used to be really active on lj and after a 5 YEAR HIATUS, I'm back! Things are sort of stressful right now and I'm in need of a place to vent and supportive, nonjudgmental, people who are not in my RL to talk to.

What I post about:
-->My boyfriend, Jeremy. We've been together for almost two years and I love him a lot, but being in a relationship is really fucking hard. I know y'all know how that is.
-->Family and friend dramz... It's never. ending.
-->My chihuhua, Princess
-->College: I'm currently studying psychology with hopes of being a therapist someday.
-->Whatever is bugging me

I'm really nerdy and super sarcastic. I love watching movies and listening to music. My favorite actor is James Franco and my favorite band is Bright Eyes.

Nice to meet you. :)

xoxo Krystle
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me as a cartoon.

hello! my name is angela, but please call me angie. i'm currently looking for a group of friends. active and supportive ones, please. i have a lot going on in my personal life at the moment and i could really use feedback and encouraging messages from others who can share some hope or light in my life.

i'm 28 years old and i'm from new york city. i consider myself an artsy poet dreamer wander. i'm very sensitive, but loving and caring about people, including people who i don't know! i feel the impact of the world and the human race with my heart being so heavy. i do have moments of heartfelt happiness but i also find myself in moments of deep sadness. i don't consider myself a depressed person, but a person reacting to a depressing situation. currently both of my parents are in the hospital and it's been very hard for me.

i love connections, mutual understandings and laughter. i have a goofy sense of humor and it helps stay sane.. most of the time! i live with the love of my life billy and i'm a mommy cat to his two cats: spooky & patches. if you have any other questions, feel free to ask. i look forward to making friends!!