August 28th, 2013


Hello LJ World!

Hi! I have been an active LJ user since 2002. I took a three month hiatus back in 2008, but aside from that I have never gone more than a month without posting. So I have seen many friends come and go over the years. I still remember great people from 6+ years ago who abandoned their journals. POOF! A great friend gone. :( Things have gotten very quiet on my FL lately since some people have decided to move on. I am a sporadic poster, but I read my FL multiple times a day.

Some info about me:

23, female, INFJ, live in Seattle proper (Was raised in the Seattle suburbs), liberal, atheist, Mexican (mother) and Anglo-Saxon (father) ancestry, telecommute for a full time job in elections IT (So I spend A LOT of time online during weekdays), occasionally travel for business, majored in political science and minored in Spanish during college, have a pet bunny named Blackberry and a Mexican-American boyfriend of 3+ years.

Interests include:

Hiking, camping, running, weightlifting, backpacking, fashion, hilarious celebrity gossip, animals (especially bunnies!!), shopping, trying new foods, travel (I am always dreaming about vacations!), cleaning, drinking, nights out, "dancing" after a few drinks to crazy dance beats, swimming, beaches, 80s pop, electronica, metal (Yup, I have eclectic music tastes)... etc.

I typically post about my daily life: work, family, friends, boyfriend, my bunny, and sometimes post photos of my adventures camping/hiking/nights out with the girlfriends. I rant once in awhile too! But I try to make those funny. :)

My only requirements for adding is that you be somewhat close to my age, female, open minded and have a kind heart. I'm just looking for some great girlfriends to connect with! :)

(no subject)

Hi, I don't really know where to begin but I'm just coming back to livejournal after being away for a year or so. This is my third or fourth account over five years so I'm definitely not new here.

My name is Kelsie. I'm 20. I'm from the US. I'm a lesbian and I've been in a relationship for almost eight months now. I like tv, reading, tumblr, twitter, and coffee.

My journal is basically just going to be a lot of complaining, rants, fangirling, and talking about my past, trying to figure things out and find myself again. I'll add basically anyone under the age of 30 so don't hesitate to add me!