August 29th, 2013



It'ss been almost a year since I posted in here, I know that because it's been almost a year since I started my journal. I've been blogging since 2003 or so starting with greatestjournal and ending up here, then I took a break from 2010-2012. I write just about everyday. my journal mainly consists of my day to day struggles with mental illness. (Bipolar, BPD, ADHD) I just started getting help a year ago and still have a long way to go. Other than that I write about my past, future, school (I'm going to be a phlebotomist), and whatever else is going on in my life or has piqued my interest.
I'd like to make good friends who I can talk to outside of LJ too, like how it used to be on this site C:
Oh and my name is Crystal and I'm 24, going to be 25 September 3rd

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American of Pakistani origin, grew up in NYC, raised Muslim but now agnostic, feminist, currently living in Cape Town, South Africa after spending the last month in Egypt. On a 12-month fellowship to travel the world sponsored by my university. Future blogs will chronicle my ongoing travels (photos included) in places like southeast Asia, Gulf Arab states, and Egypt. I'm quite misanthropic so expect that also.

Haven't had new friends on this journal in years. I have a public blog and a private blog (this LJ).


New Lj new friends???

Name: Emma

Status: Marriedjust over 4yrs

Age: 28

Location: Kent,Uk

Hubby: Aj 33

Children: A 2 year old son Tony and Identical twin sons Connor and Darren 10 weeks old

Furbabies: 2 half burmese cats Smudge he is 4 and Missy she is also 4

Sahm/wohm/wahm: Stay at home mummy

Looking for: I'm looking for new female friends ither with or without children. Age is not a factor as i believe friendship has no age limit. Ladies that like to really get to know the person behind the Journal they are reading. Dont have to comment if not relevent comment needed maybe you read something in my journal that sparks a question to get to know me better.... ask away.

Hobbies: Reading (Horror,crime fiction,true life,myths and magic, war time and period drama's), Writing (snail mail pen pal letters), Cooking and baking(love trying new recipes sweet and savoury),decoupage card making,spending time with family and friends,1950's Rock'n'Roll, listening to all kinds of music, watching tv(super nanny, come dine with me,hells kitchen,19 kids and counting, watching movies(current fav film to watch is Cat Woman starring Hallie Berry got to love marvel films).

Music taste: 1950's Rock'n'Roll, Billy Fury,Steps,Miriah Carey, Heay metal,country, some classics like Queen,Michael Jackson...

Favorite Books/Authors: Torey Hayden, Harry Potter saga, Terry Prachett books,Patricia Cornwell crime fiction, Anne Franks Diary, Goodnight Mr Tom

Favorite Shows:Hells Kitchen,Harry Potter movies,come dine with me,charmed,Ghost Whisperer, friends.

More about me: I'd like to make some new friends who, like me, enjoy their various hobbies even though they have children and a job/husband/whatever; girls who want to really get to know the other person and not just exchange one line comments every once in a while. I enjoy chatting or PMing about anything interesting and I'm always ready to listen to other people's problems and/or give advice if I can. Sharing recipes and project/parenting ideas would be nice too. I tend to blog about lots of things... from my thoughts on human nature to my kids, hobbies, the hubby, the weather,my pets, hopes & fears, projects and anything else that comes to my mind. My posts are usually long and I tend to post pictures regularly but not always, as I'm sometimes too lazy to upload them ;) Have an amazing relationship with my mom and dad well as my siblings and their families.

So, if you're still interested after reading all that, I'm here.

My Lj is new at the momment so not many entries but that will grow in next few days with regular updates and comments on new friends lj's