August 30th, 2013

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i tried doing one of these a bit back, but i ended up getting rid of it all like a day later for various reasons. so, ima try again and hope it don't go that way again.

I'm in my late 20s, live in Oregon. Single (gonna be a spinster, i am i am.) Five cats, two dogs-one is a puppy right now and is a big sweetie. i actually think she's attached more to me than anyone else, which is weird because i'm a cat person. but i guess i'm cool Big Sister so whatever. HAH. Grocery store employee for 11 years and doing part-time at a dr's office on the side which i sort of hate sometimes. but i like having the money. (so, you can bet i rant a bunch about those) also sorta dipping my toes into the jobsearching area for various reasons but mainly sticking to grocery-based work since well hey, thats what i know and even if the world starts going to shit (ok, even more shit) people still need food. plus working in a dr's office makes me realize i hate the medical shit and thanks.

Music; I listen to a lot, actually and it's how i've made 90% of my friends. Most of my listening is primarily Japanese-based but I do like The Killers, Bowie, All Time Low, Marianas Trench, almost anything from the 80s. I've even been known to headbang to some Norwegian metal and i'm fond of Nachtmahr and some other gothy darkwave techno stuff. I apparently like some country songs, too and ive been on 8tracks listening to a bunch of instrumental stuff lately and been digging that, too. *cough that's lord of the rings inspired cough*

Likes: fashion and hair. Playstation, reading, strawberry lemonade, zombies, vodka, snailmail/getting mail and/or packages, shopping, baking/cooking, going to concerts, organizing things and cleaning, overseas/traveling, Eddie Izzard, Family Guy, South Park, Golden Girls, Ripper Street, Being Human (UK). I also love watching Ghost Hunters, Destination Truth and Haunted Collector just for funsies. Oh and of course Walking Dead. I've more recently gotten Netflix so I like watching bad handycam films because i love those. some people are just too uptight about their movies. i like a lot of things people consider crap. ;P more favorite movies consist of The Goonies, Legend, Jurassic Park and Silence of the Lambs. I also will watch almost any black and white film from the 30s/40s and be completely happy with that.

**basically been on a Pushing Daisies/Lee Pace kick lately so if you adore either one of those things then hey, we can be bffs because..omg.  also, Thranduil anyone? Tumblrland is so generous with the Party King lulz and i found that if i cruise that tag too early in the morning i laugh waaaaaaaaaay too hard.
but no srsly when i go see DoS with my mother because its our thing to go to these movies together i will not be held responsbile for my actions. nopenope

Dislikes, and the part where I sound like a jerk but hey i might as well say it so it can save people some time or whatever. :\
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So in the end, I'm no special snowflake and my journal consists of rants and random things of the day. I use cuts on basically everything so I don't eat your friendspage, and i'm a shit commenter but I'm trying to be better about it always. But if you're on my friends list, i'm reading. :) I try to update at least once a week, but more if i have something to actually flail about or whatever.

If you're keen to friend, let me know either here or in a PM! Everything is friends-only so if you just add me without a hello i won't be friending back. and fyi "added you!" dosent count as a hello. gimme mini intro or something! direct me to your own add-me post, whatever!

and here have a gander at my face

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