September 6th, 2013


Konnichi wa! :)

Hello all, my name is Rashida, nickname: Sheedah. I was born December 7th and I reside in the state of MD, USA. I'm 23 years old and I'm currently going to Community College, I am in my last year my major is Graphic Design which will be changed to Foreign Language when I transfer. I like to play sudoku, draw, read, play video games, computers, write poetry. I am pretty eclectic on my music choices, still trying to discover more and more everyday. I'm fun loving, I am a good listener and try to give everyone I know an unbiased opinion about any type of situation they are in. I like meeting new people and trying to expand my horizon in the process. I love to travel and learn different languages. I believe any language is better than English lol. I currently am learning Japanese, German, French and Italian. Yes, all at the same time not as easy as it sounds but this is what catches my attention at the moment. Am always looking for someone to practice Japanese with, that is my first and favorite language to learn still a bit rusty but I'm getting better at it. I'm a gamer chick, I love my ps3, xbox 360 and my computer lol all of which kept me sane for so many year.

I'm a Starbucks employee, I have been there for 3 months love the company can't stand my manager she is was too shady and childish for my taste. As I write in my journal about her you too will understand lol. I have recently came back to LJ trying to post and make new friends that I can become close with hopefully that will happen soon enough. I mostly post about my life, what ever is going on in my relationship or work, friends or any other current event and local mishap that I may be getting myself into.I'm not looking for much just people around my age range who I can get to know and build friendships on here and probably kick their butts in a few video games as well lol. If you like to be friends post here or even on my profile, where there is even more AMAZING information about me lol!

My journal is friends only, just because I feel more comfortable having more comtrol over my personal thoughts and not have everyone is the world see them. But feel free to leave a comment here saying you would like to add me and tell me a bit about yourself (you can also do so on my journal I have a legit questionnaire for that lol) So feel free to add away :)

New Friends

Hey!   My name is Mandi. I have had LJ accounts since I was about 13 (almost 26 now) and wanted to start updating again. My friends list has gotten pretty small, so I am looking for more people. Right now I havn't wrote anything in over a year, but want that to change. I am mainly going to be writing about normal life issues, music, trying to get back to my creative self and whatever else comes to mind at the time. I will probably post pictures from time to time. I am interested in all types of people and loving reading about people's lives that are similar to mine that are way different. I like to comment when I have something to say.You can check out my profile to learn a little more if you would like. So yea, feel free to add me. =)