September 16th, 2013

°you are only coming through in waves

it's been awhile.

this is another one of those "I've been on LJ for years and I'm trying to get active again" posts. only this time I actually went so far as to make a new journal.

anyway, hi! I'm looking to add anyone as long as you update every so often and have an open mind about things. I'm 24, from Seattle, and I live with my roommate and our two cats. I've worked in pharmacy for the past three years, but I'm currently in between jobs, which isn't as fun as it sounds. my interests are ridiculously varied, but I enjoy the following the most:

- music (folk, grunge, metal, industrial, pop, David Bowie... actually everything)
- travelling (just got back from three months in Europe, two of which I spent in Sweden)
- horror movies (slashers and zombie movies are favourites, but I'm not picky)
- fantasy of all kinds, mythology and folklore (especially Celtic, Norse and Greek)
- learning languages (German, Swedish and Russian in particular)
- buying clothes. it is where a lot of my money goes besides on books.
- sleeping a lot

I'm sure I have other prominent interests that I could normally think of if it wasn't three in the morning. add me if you want!
stock- giraffe

Fresh Faces?

Hey there!

It has literally been about 4 years since I've posted in an add me community. It seems like so many people I've grown close to through the years has forgotten about lj, so it's time for some fresh faces! I'll be honest, I haven't added new people in....quite some time. I have a hard time letting new people into something that can at times be so personal. I think it's due time to give people a chance again.

My name's Ashleigh. I'm 24 years old and I live in Chicago. I've been on this same username since 2008 but been a livejournal user since I was a teenager. It's something I can't imagine ever straying from for more than a couple of days. I'm happily married to my high school sweetheart and best friend, Damen. We met in 2004 the first day of sophomore year in our English class. One of those rare girl meets boy, instant attraction, happily ever after stories. It's the one positive thing that's always been solid in my life.

I lost both of my parents to murders, at different times. Upon adding I'll link you to a little background post on my history so that my entries make sense. My life at times was quite like a soap opera. I was raised by my Grandma, who I've called Mom since I was 5. I have an extremely close relationship with her. She's currently having some health problems. She had cancer earlier this year and they were able to remove it all, but now she's been told she has a heart murmor. Scary stuff.

My husband is a truck driver, 15 hour days and he works his ass off. Because of that, I'm able to stay home at the moment. I was a teacher before we decided for me to stay home. The plan was to be a stay at home mom and to start makin' babies but unfortunetly I miscarried. Since then I was told I'm unable to have children on my own and I'm going through fertility struggles. It's excruciating since all I've ever wanted is to be a Wife & Mom. I have faith that God will give me my baby in some form or another when the time is right. That doesn't stop me from ranting about the "it's not fair" of it all at times though.

We are the proud "parents" to our 4 babies though. 3 dogs (1 maltipoo - Gizmo, 2 weiner dogs- Bella & Cocoa) and 1 cat (Holly). They truly make day to day life more interesting. I swear I'd go mad without them. Don't worry though, I don't just write about my pets and post pictures 24/7 of them. I'm not one of those :P

I'm obsessed with Art. It's my passion. Mostly prismacolor drawings and polymer clay. I'm starting up a little at home business with my polymer clay creations. The goal is to open an Etsy and Facebook shop by December 1st, so we'll see how that goes. I'm also an avid youtuber. I vlog about my makeup addiction (it's truly unhealthy..) as well as my weightloss journey. I need to lose over 100 pounds. I've lost 42 so far. I have a little over 400 subscribers there, so that's exciting. *click HERE for my channel*

Okay, but what you really want to know..

I could go on and on but really, this is a novel in itself already. If you'd care to know more there's a TON of junk in my profile in the sidebars filled with information. My posts are generally day to days along with whatever I'm feeling or dealing with internally at the moment.

Who I'm looking to Add;
I'm open to adding anyone. Age doesn't matter. Race doesn't matter. Religion doesn't matter (as long as you're cool with me loving God and all that jazz and will respect it, you've got the same from me). As long as you're a regular updater at least once a week, and you're wanting a FRIEND to regularly communicate with, not just someone to add a number, then we're good.

Typically when I've made these posts in the past I add a ton of people and then keep whoever I click with and do a cut in a couple months for those I don't click with, or inactive users.

If you'd like to be friends just comment here and I'll send over a request :) If you actually read all this gibberish, you get a cookie. Or a high five, because those are still cool too.

Because some people care about what my face looks like, here's my Husband and I this past weekend at the Riverwalk.

& here we are looking a little bit less casual ;)

Thanks for reading, talk to you soon! :)