September 19th, 2013

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I am what I allowed the world to make me

Greetings all.

A bit about me:
Age: 41 (42 real soon)
Sex: Male
Ethnicity: Mutt
Sexual orientation: One of them there homosexuals
Life status: Recovering
Dating Status: Engaged

I start these things off by saying I don't know what to say about me and end up with 6 paragraphs of stuff. Think I'll try something different.

I'm experiencing a rebirth if you will. I had a long series of bad to tragic things occur that I allowed to change who I was. An unforgivable act of self betrayal. My journal is about finding myself again. I used to be the kind of guy every guy should have as a friend. I had old school sensibilities about friendship and loyalty, which ultimately led to a lot of the pain in my life.

But enough doom and gloom. So, I'm a former metal head / raver / fratboy / jock / goth / roleplayer / geek. I loved having friends and I was versatile enough to be able to find them anywhere. If I needed to adopt a new label to do so, whatever. It's just a word. Being gay, I love guys. There is a sexual attraction, but the male structure is where the appeal lies. Form and function. I'm weird in that, if I see a guy doing guy stuff, I'm all about him.

I have a varied education. A combination of self teaching, the school of hard knocks, streetwise and formal college education. I may not be able to avoid every situation or always come out on top, but I manage to save my ass, which is the important thing.

As I mentioned, I'm endeavoring to pick up where I left off being me. I spent 8 years as a fixture in the local gay scene where I lived and have nothing to show for it. I'm trying to journal more and want to meet new people to explore life with.

So, yeah...I'm a bit of a mess right now. But, I'm honest, loyal and eager to make new friends. Guys or girls. No one has anything I want besides friendship. I can be trusted to never use anyone because I can get off my ass and get what I want, so I don't need anyone else to do it for me. I like helping where I can, even if it's not particularly a good idea.

If you want to friend, please leave a comment on this or my page to let me know you did.
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Hey theree

 Just re-created my facebook after being away for 3 years.

 Things you should know about me, I am samantha from ohio living in pittsburgh with my girlfriend, yeah im gay :)
 I love all things pugs, taylor swift, dmb and dark chocolate.
 I enjoy saturday mornings at the flea market down town and rainy sundays with my xbox and netflix
 I work alllllll the time, and 1 day it will pay off
 The majority of my real life friends are older women lol i dont know why
 I am not too much into the party scene but that doesnt mean my updates are going to be boring, i have plenty to say

 I am 25 and soon will be 26 although i am dreading it.
 I have lived quite a few places and loved 1 place where i plan to live the rest of my life.

 I cant wait to have journals to read again!