September 23rd, 2013

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My own quintessence

Name: Nick
Sex: Male
Age: Mid 25
Location: Kaiserslautern area, Germany

Intro: I am an American romantic in Germany. For some of you, it is obvious as to why I am an American living in the Kaiserslautern area.

It was my dream to be here and my dream to travel, though it has made me realize that I never saw beyond my placement in Europe. I arrived here and almost instantly thought to myself "now what?" With that said, I have made efforts to make progress in my life. To better connect with people who I find to seemingly ride the same whimsical wavelengths I tread day to day. One of those efforts to make progress is placing myself on a binary broadcast here in LJ.

About Me:
- I have no religion, and I never bear misplaced judgment.  

- I have a mixed cultural background.
- Fitness (Bodybuilding, specifically), art, and music have been my drive for years.
- I haven't had a steady relationship in nearly a decade.
- I have two cats, which is probably a direct result of the previous statement.
- I get along with females more than I do with males.
- I have a mix of adventurous and introverted personality. (I love travel and activity, but I prefer it with few people or none at all within the immediate area. I love being inside my house as well, away from people when I'm not doing the things that I enjoy)
- My job and perpetual relationship status (despite my efforts) have caused me to find peace only in the end of the typical work week, a drink to forget and a drink to smile at the little things. As well as place more energy in Fitness, art, and music.
- I've realized that the prime of my years will be closer to 30, rather than the central 20s. Though my focus still remains to connect with certain others.
- I find peace in a quiet walk, being in the beauty of nature, isolated from others, or sharing it with someone who is close to me.
- My current goals in life still involve traveling to the coasts along the Mediterranean.

- I feel the most important thing I want to say is that I'm a sucker for love. I often feel that I am walking a metaphorical sidewalk, where I'm behind a chain-link fence, watching everyone race on the streets with their significant other. I can try to reach through all I want, though I can't join the racing speedway that is bursting with colors, lights, and sounds that can only be defined as love. A spectrum of life that I may grace just long enough to taste before it is ripped from me.
I've grasped a laundry list of subjects and lessons from the seemingly hopeless world of hurt, known commonly as love. I've come out of it with only a callused heart and soul. I am doing my best not to run in circles, but I feel I am doing so in believing that there is someone out there for everyone. Because after knowing a special someone and dating for no more than a few weeks before fizzling out, I constantly and continually question myself. The only common denominator is me, so I can't help but to ask... what's wrong with me?
At times I find a woman, and it's almost a hallucination where my imagination takes me. The world changes into radical paintings, pastels of sunshine break the monotonous nights, and I can taste the fury of my heart waiting to burst from my chest. And just as I think she is about to offer her hands to cup the emotions spewing from my heart, she instead pulls out a gun and shoot me through the chest, and it all spills to the ground.

What I look for in LJ: A place for my personality to take the forefront, to be the person I always tried to hide from myself and others. To embrace my voice.

The friend I look for in LJ: Just like a female who normally takes to male friends, adversely, I'm a male who has always taken to female friends. I've always had a friend who I find solace with, to be my security blanket, a place of resonating amenity. But within my year here in Europe, chapters have closed, and at the end of the day I have no one. I look for a female who finds relief in being an open book to a friend, as I pour it all just to have a place to stream my thoughts, and equally, I'd like to be the placement for their bullets and burdens. I take comfort in knowing that I could be a host of tranquility to another. Be it work, relationships, upcoming events, or anything else, I'd like nothing more than to be a voice in the daily discord of relentless gravity, a helping hand to pull someone from the regressions of life. At least then, if but for a moment in the plain of our existence, we can continue to walk forward... and not because we are a crutch for one another, but a part of ourself that sits in our subconscious, giving the strength we need.

I'd really enjoy a friend on here, I've tried LJ a few times to find a friend but to no avail.  If you maybe have a question or two to better connect, I'd be glad to answer. If nothing else... Thanks for reading.
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Insert Witty/Friendly Subject Here

So, let's see where to start... Um... Hi.
doctor hello photo: doctor who hello vanishingwater17.gif
Yeah, that seems like a good place to begin.
I'm a 28 year old single mother in KY. I'm fairly sarcastic and a bit scatter-brained.
What sort of things do I like and dislike? I'm so glad you asked. That was super sweet. *sniffle* Oh the special, warm and fuzzy feels. I'm that socially awkward chick in the corner that is learning to embrace and love her inner weirdness.

Doctor Who (Let's categorize this as more of an obsessive, fan-girling love)
Facebook & SnapChat addict
Big Bang Theory

My Anxiety Disorder
Over-Thinking (I think... Maybe. I don't know. I need to ponder on this one a little more.)
Judgemental Jerks & Jerkettes (That's right. I said "jerkettes")
Onions. Yup. Onions. Gross.

Sooooo.... Um... awkward gifs photo: Awkward Awkward.gif
Yup. I'm voluntarily opening my random brain spewings to the masses. Feels as though I should be a bit more worried and self-conscious about that. Oh, well. *insert big cheesy smile here* Thanks for the read.
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Hello Everyone

Hi everybody. My name is Sayu, and I live in Glasgow, Scotland. I'm a software developer by profession. I've been a member of LJ since the past five years, but have been in hiatus for a long while. Would love to meet and greet new people, hear about their lives, and hopefully be able to share a bit of mine as well.

I'm 26 year olf female, currently working. I was heavily into the anime/manga world, which had prompted me to join LJ in the first place, the fandom was immense and exciting. But now, I'm looking forward to meeting a variety of new people with varied interests and hobbies, not just people from my fandom world.

I love reading, enjoy movies and I adore photography. I love new recommendations of books be it of any subject, fiction or non-fiction.

In my blog, I usually write about something that happened in my day at work, or even a simple review of something I saw. Could be an opinion, a wish or a poll. Or of a trip I recently took. I just like writing what's on my mind, and I would love to read what's on yours.

Also, I'm a postcrosser. For people who aren't sure of what it is about, its a project that enables people to collect and send postcards all over the world. So a bit of my blog will be also of a postcard which I received from some unknown part of a country.

Please add me if you would like to be my friend :)
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It's been a while I see. Well, then...Let's begin shall we? I'll add a little and the rest will be under an LJ cut.

My name is Wendy, I'm 36 and a soon to be published author under the name Perci T. Brooks. I'm bisexual and support LGBT rights (including marriage), I'm a HUGE cat lover and a lover of all things cows. Yup. Cats and cows are my fave animals. I got 6 tattoos and I do still live at home with my parents because of some medical issues and my mom feels safer if I'm at home. I'm also hearing impaired, completely deaf in my left ear and about 75% hearing left in my right ear. I have 1 younger brother (2 years younger) and an older sister (7 years older and who is a published author online).

Now on to the LJ cut.

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I think that's enough for now.
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