September 24th, 2013


Hi everyone! I've been on LJ since 2003 and have had this journal since 2008. A lot of the friends I had back in the day have moved on and I'm looking to make some new friends. So here are a few things about myself:

-I'm 44 years old
-I'm originally from Florida but for nearly 2 years I've lived in Pennsylvania
-I'm divorced and have a 10 year old daughter who lives with her mother in Florida
-I've been in a relationship for over 3 years.
-I work in insurance customer service and am about to graduate with an MBA in healthcare management
-I'm very GLBT-friendly. I believe everyone is at least somewhat bi-curious. Although I'm in a monogomous heterosexual relationship, I have scored about a 2 on the Kinsey Scale. If I were single, I would not rule out a relationship with another man
-I'm spiritual but not overly religious. My faith has always been important to me however I've struggled with it for the last couple of years. I'm trying to find my way back but I don't get overly preachy and I'm no bible-thumper. In fact I find those types offensive.
-In my spare time I enjoy reading, hiking and gaming. I also enjoy golf and skiing.
-My favorite TV shows are Breaking Bad, Sons of Anarchy, The Walking Dead, The Big Bang Theory, Seinfeld and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.
-My all-time favorite movie is The Big Lebowski.

All I ask is that you're not a bible-thumper or homophobe. So take a look at my user info and if you like anything you see add me.