September 28th, 2013

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Just nod if you can hear me...

Hello add_me,

I’ve posted here, or in other “add me” communities a few times over the past several years, with very good results. I haven’t really been posting in my journal very much lately, and I’m hoping that if I have new people to read, I’ll have more reason to log in, and therefore I’ll post more often. Posting more often might be a good idea, for reasons you’ll understand once you read my most recent few entries.

This paragraph, and pretty much everything below it, is almost the same as what I wrote in this community last year. I’m Michael, male, 34, single, without kids – although I do occasionally post entries about computer hardware that might sound as though I was talking about a small child. I work in the risk management unit of a large organization, which means I spend much of my days emailing spreadsheets back and forth, and listening to people complain about large and complex problems – or something like that. My politics are generally pragmatic but default to left-of-centre (oh, and I’m Canadian, so get used to the Imperial spellings), although because of my employer I try not to put comments about politics in writing. I’ve had a journal for more than a decade, and I’ve posted in it regularly but not frequently for that entire period. I tend to post once every week or two (on good months), and my posts tend to be entirely text. I also use my journal as a stress-relief outlet, so I post about my life, and my posts tend not to be terribly perky, even if I’m actually feeling pretty good. I comment sporadically, but if I’ve added your journal I promise I’m reading it. I don’t expect comments, and I’ve never deleted someone for not commenting, but if you add me, I would like to interact with you. (My closest local friend is someone who I initially met in an LJ community.) All the other really basic stuff is in my userinfo.

If you add me, you’re sensible enough not to pick fights with me, or in my journal – which means you’re welcome to disagree, but doesn’t mean you’re welcome to be mean about it. Your posts are more than memes or YouTube clips, and preferably aren’t Twitter feeds. I won’t limit what you think or say about religion, sex, or politics, as long as you’ve put some thought into why you feel that way, and you respect that I might feel differently. I don’t care where you live, or whether you can speak English, but I’d prefer you be able to write in it (or French) fluently, effectively, and without using excessive formatting, capitalization, or net-speak.

All that said, if you add me I’ll probably add you back. So if you think you’d like me, and you think I’d like you, leave a comment and we’ll get to know each other.

Add me?
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